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  1. Got your payment Graeme Everyone else, we need those payments ASAP!
  2. Need to get payments in soon boys and girls Would hate to miss out on an awesome event
  3. If you are looking for hard to find stuff try Craft, Wine Emporium or Cru Bar. They have great selections and are often willing to chase stuff done for you.
  4. A reference guide to scotch and it's flavour profiles http://scotchgit.bitbucket.org/
  5. Get your payments in boys and girls!
  6. I'm neither dead, nor a medium. My fat head is fat, I wear XXL Shoei helmets
  7. If you have a big head you can borrow my helmet
  8. -Boz-

    R34 Gt Offset?

    9.5 is big for a GT or GT-T. 18x9 +30 is about the sweet spot.
  9. Is that much power even workable for a track car? He was struggling to get it to be behaved at mid 500
  10. Vegan Chilli... Mate, can you check you pants and make sure your balls are still there and not in a handbag somewhere?
  11. It's not only a WHS issue (which you can change site to site) but also a privacy issue and also covered by separate Mining Safety legislation (which is state based).
  12. They have to be dry, otherwise it's discrimination. You can't have one rule for the rank and file and another for the engineers/execs at head office when it comes to things like drug and alcohol testing.
  13. Work makes me sad. They fire someone during the busiest week of the year and guess who gets to cover the morning shift.
  14. Look further out west along the train line. Oxley, Sherwood, Corinda etc. Big Queenslanders, lots of space, not too much money.
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