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  1. Leave out the plate dets mate
  2. Benj Prime

    Cya at BCF
  3. Benj Prime

    Whoa, July 1st? You guys sure know how to pick em. Obviously no-one works in insurance, or the financial sector in general? June 30 is the biggest day of the financial calendar and also the biggest pissup ever. Friday July 1st is the day when no-one gets leave, everyone is hungover and if you're late, you have to skull a pint of tomato juice with one raw egg inside for every hour late. Something of a tradition. But no, lunch will be at the local greasy spoon, probably a crumber chicken cheese sausage or hamburger or something.
  4. Benj Prime

    So any news on a NOR meet point? Maybe Tuart Hill Maccas or something. Oh and I'm in, provided I've got my bonnet sorted out...
  5. Benj Prime

    Yeah and you guys can hear my skreamin GTT! Im actually a little concerned at how loud the turbo is.....
  6. Benj Prime

    Fragger! Freaking awesome game!
  7. Benj Prime

    I actually feel a bit sick...
  8. Benj Prime

    Jesus wept... 7am! Ferchrissake I wake up then! Nah all good Ill wake up early for you fkrs. Better be a badass brekkie...
  9. Benj Prime

    Been posting for a while but thought I'd put this one up. Name: Ben / Benj Copyrighted since: 14 March 1988 I drive a: White 2000 R34 GTT 2dr I work/study as: Insurance Broker, Soccer Coach, Cocktail Bartender Cruise/event attendance rate: Haven't yet... Music taste: Drum n Bass, Dubstep, Metal, Industrial, Psytrance etc Hobbies: Soccer, Guitar, Xbox, South Park Might be of use contacting me for: Insurance Queries (no stupid questions please), if you need someone to bartend your party or teach your young ones (anywhere between 2 and 7 years old) soccer. Cheers all
  10. Benj Prime

    Hey guysngals, I'm getting a pod filter for my R34 GTT, and I stumbled upon this: Yes? No? Maybe? Looks pretty fool-proof, but I'm not sure if it's just a gimmick to trap n00bs like me. Opinions? And I apologise if this has been covered, I did search to no avail. If so, could you please just link me. Thanks all
  11. Benj Prime

    +1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 NOR FTFW
  12. Benj Prime

    Pretty much listening to Karnivool, Pendulum, Deadmau5, Dead Letter Circus, Rammstein and Static X on Shuffle. Loving it too
  13. Benj Prime

    If they'll both fit in my R34 GTT, would you consider the BOV, Pod and HID for $150 plus post to 6021 WA?
  14. Benj Prime

    Oh and thats not supposed to be a sexist comment about the people that you might know, it could be the female counterparts of any of the relations listed above. Lets keep this PC
  15. Benj Prime

    Hey all, I need an immobiliser fitted to my car (fresh import) but I don't want to be paying through my ass. I have seen the Mongoose M80G on ebay for around $210, but I need a lecky that will install it for a sweet cashy. Anyone got a mate/brother/cousin/boyfriend/uncle/dad/grandad/etc in the business? Cheers all, Benj