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  1. Hi Guys, As you can tell from the title I'm looking for the Closest Nistune Tuner to Thomastown Melbourne. If anybody has a recommendation that would be great. Thanks, Nathan
  2. This happened to me and after trying everything it turned out to be a cut exhaust temp sensor.
  3. HI All, Have pretty much finished a build and going to be running E85 - Just wondering if anyone has done this without replacing the little hoses from the top of the fuel tank? It seems like a lot of effort removing the tank to replace a few hoses if I don't need to. Thanks in advance. PS I have replaced pump and all hoses, reg, injector seals etc from hard lines onwards.
  4. Forgot to post that I had solved this, was literally just that I had cut the wire for the exhaust temp sensor and it was shutting off thinking its too hot.
  5. Just for the reference for anyone still considering the cheap eBay manifolds, mine cracked after the very first track day. just buy a good one and don't waste your money.
  6. Hi All, Looking to buy a spare set of s1 r33 25det injectors - the purple ones that are all faded and actually look grey. Will need posted if not in Melbourne's northern / western suburbs. Thanks!
  7. Hi all, recently finished my rb25de+t conversion. Runs and drives perfectly - except after idling for about two minutes it shuts off like i have turned off the key, doesnt hesitate or run rough or blow smoke etc just turns off. Since the problem came up i have done the following, regapped spark plugs cleaned and adjusted aac valve checked battery terminals and terminals at both fuse boxes checked every small fuse in cabin and boot extra info for you which may help, im using the following parts stock gtst ecu stock 25de afm missing oxy sensor and light is on dash doesnt have an immobiliser. i cant think of anything that would shut it down so plain witout and issues or rough idling. thanks!
  8. Cut the boot floor and fabricate a bigger well to suit full size?
  9. How many of the dollarydoos?
  10. sedy

    Wtb rb20 turbo

    would you post to victoria? 3840
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