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  1. yes didnt have a problem. But what im also stumped on is the cas has 2 wires and the microtech has 4, and i cant for the life of me find a cas wiring signal output diagram...
  2. Hi guys.. recently bought a lt10s for my rb25det that got stolen so I went and bought a lt8s and I've wired up for what I think is correct. I currently don't have a hand controller and am waiting on my USB adaptor to turn up.. car turns like it wants to start it just keeps going.. it's a series 2 rb25det. Gt35/80, 1000cc injectors Spitfires and the rest I'm planning on using the Microtech as a standalone, the green led stays on, Orange stays untill crank and flashes with pulse but the red is also flashing.. just will not fire, have I missed something? I'm using the stock 6 wire tps, well the 3pot on it anyway. Please help
  3. Hi Im just wondering if there is anybody out there that would be nice enough at such short notice to drive my step daughter to her year 10 formal in wollongong this thurs 21st Nov . As its such short notice I am willing to pay a bit extra, you will only need to drop her off so depending on where your coming from it wouldnt be a job that would take hours. So if your free and want to do me a huge favour reply to my thread! Cheers, Jo
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