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  1. Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone has had experience with ECU patch extension harnesses like this one: https://www.jdmyard.com/electronics/ecu/patch-harness/aem-ecu-patch-extension-harness-nissan.html If so, what did you use it for? I.e. relocate ECU, add additional mods to the ecu wiring loom, etc. Does anyone know if these can be connected end-to-end, like putting 2 in a row? Thanks!
  2. I imported my 1997 R33 GTR VSpec back in 2011 for a total price of about AU$22K-AU$23K (auction purchase in Japan, shipping, compliance, etc.). I had 54,000 KMs on it and still have it to this date- done about 35,000 KMs since. Out of curiosity I have been looking at some car yards in Japan to get an idea of what it would take to import another R33 GTR and the prices being quoted are averaging between AU$40K to even around AU$90K depending on state and total KMs on the car. Is this because these cars are at car yard sales? Would it be any cheaper via the auction house process? And is there something going on with the R32-R34 GTRs that these type of cars are getting more expensive in general in Australia? I mean even on carsales.com.au I am seeing prices quoted locally which makes no sense - AU$50K - AU$70K prices. I swear 5-6 years ago a decent R33 GTR was still around AU$20K to $35K at most. Am I missing something here? Am I being too unappreciative of my R33 GTR!?
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