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  1. Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone has had experience with ECU patch extension harnesses like this one: https://www.jdmyard.com/electronics/ecu/patch-harness/aem-ecu-patch-extension-harness-nissan.html If so, what did you use it for? I.e. relocate ECU, add additional mods to the ecu wiring loom, etc. Does anyone know if these can be connected end-to-end, like putting 2 in a row? Thanks!
  2. I imported my 1997 R33 GTR VSpec back in 2011 for a total price of about AU$22K-AU$23K (auction purchase in Japan, shipping, compliance, etc.). I had 54,000 KMs on it and still have it to this date- done about 35,000 KMs since. Out of curiosity I have been looking at some car yards in Japan to get an idea of what it would take to import another R33 GTR and the prices being quoted are averaging between AU$40K to even around AU$90K depending on state and total KMs on the car. Is this because these cars are at car yard sales? Would it be any cheaper via the auction house process? And is there something going on with the R32-R34 GTRs that these type of cars are getting more expensive in general in Australia? I mean even on carsales.com.au I am seeing prices quoted locally which makes no sense - AU$50K - AU$70K prices. I swear 5-6 years ago a decent R33 GTR was still around AU$20K to $35K at most. Am I missing something here? Am I being too unappreciative of my R33 GTR!?
  3. Yep, deffinitely the piping for the bottom AFM because everything else aligns easily. Does anyone know where I can get this silicon piping unit from???
  4. Yep. Did the AFM to Airbox and took out all piping. The problem is now the piping for the AFM at the bottom looks like it might be too small.
  5. Hi all, I have decided to go back to the stock air box and uninstalled the pod filters I had before. No issue taking out the pod filters, just now trying to re-install the stock air box is a bit tricky. Just wondering if I should also take out the AFM's, connect it to the stock air box/Snorkel and then try to fit it all back in. Every where I have read on this forum says its easy peasy and should not take more than an hour. So far I have spent a couple good hours on it and still made little progress! Any advise would be great!
  6. Price drop - $250. Need these gone people. Open to offers!
  7. Man trapped under car in crash tradesman has been seriously injured after he was pinned under a car driven by an alleged hoon, which spun out of control on a suburban street in Melbourne's north west. The victim, in his forties, was building a fence at the Rokewood Crescent home, in Meadow Heights, when a p-plate driver lost control. The Nissan Skyline mounted the footpath and slammed into the man, pinning him between the car and a truck parked on the driveway. Emergency crews spent 45 minutes working to free the man in a delicate rescue operation. Witnesses have told 7News the driver was performing burnouts and speeding along the road before losing control of the car. Fuel tankers pulled after explosion Monster truck crash kills eight Man killed trying to retrieve object from train tracks Driver slams into fence in pursuit Sergeant Dean Pickering said the 19-year-old p-plater was breaking the law simply by getting behind the wheel. "It's a high-powered car. It's a car that's banned for probationary drivers. It's a fast car and there's no doubt in the world, it's not appropriate for somebody that's still learning to drive," he said. Sgt Pickering said police had received complaints about a car being driven erratically in the area before the crash. "At about that time, we've had reports of a Nissan Skyline being driven fairly erratically through the area. "You can see what's happened...the car has mounted the footpath, has ended up through the front of this house, has hit the fence where this fellow was working. Unfortunately, he's been embedded under the car." The victim was taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital in a serious condition suffering from pelvic and spinal injuries. P-plate driver arrested at the scene of a crash in Meadow Heights. Photo: 7NewsSgt Pickering slammed the stupidity of the driver, saying this type of behaviour is 'frustrating' and puts lives at risk. "This is the sort of stuff that's really frustrating for us. It's not an accident, it's someone's behaviour that has caused something like this to happen," he said. The 19-year-old driver, who escaped unharmed, is in police custody. http://au.news.yahoo.com/a/19287171/man-trapped-under-car-in-crash/
  8. PMs replied to! Also, for those of you wanting to know what car models/engines are compatible with these injectors, I found this page on the Nismo website: http://www.nismo.co.jp/en/products/competition/engine/pdf/vo_injector.pdf
  9. I have a used set of 6 x 555 CC Nismo Top Feed Injectors (Pink). These retail for $140 on Ebay for just one injector. The product code 16600-RR420.These are still going for quite a bit even second hand. What you see is what you get. I have the injector boxes with the product code. These have not been flow tested but have just come out of 33 GTR pulling over 300 AKW. Asking $50 per injector or $300 for the lot. Completely open for negotiation. Prefer pick up but happy for postage at buyers expense. Located in South East Melbourne. Please PM me if you are interested.
  10. Hi Team, Just wondering if there would be any issues if I keep my stock front control arms and then install adjustable rear control arms? Will it cause problems with the ATTESA in any way? I have gone down the path of changing the bushes for my front control arms, however someone suggested it would have been a better idea just to go purchase aftermarket control arms as this was faster and cheaper in the long run. Hence, the though of replacing my rear control arms. I also came across these on ebay and wondered what the difference was: Adjustable Camber Control Arms http://www.ebay.com....=item20c124af7e GTR REAR LOWER CAMBER ARMS http://www.ebay.com....=item20c20bb5b2 Any advice would be great.
  11. Hey mate, Interested in buying the passenger side interior kick panel (i.e. what's usually used to cover where the ECU) is kept. How much to post this to Melbourne?
  12. Thanks for the responses guys. I guess defining it like coming close to a fast boat does make sense. A boat in choppy seas! It feels 'ok' on nice smooth roads, but when you hit the tram tracks, it's like white water rafting. I will test the shocks for the "bounce" effect today and see what I get. I am going start with the front bushes and see where that gets me and the work my way to the shocks. I have the stock shocks/ springs, and considering the car only has done 70,000 kms I assume they should last a bit longer?
  13. Hi peoples, I have been surfing around the net for a few hours looking for some answers to help solve my cars poor handling. Hopefully I can get some answers here! When I mean poor handling, I mean I can feel every bump and grind on the road and the steering feels "loose" and not that stable. My wife's old Lancer feels safer to drive at times! I have done a wheel alignment, changed the steering rack bushes, changed the tie rod ends, and had the front two tyres changed (they were pretty worn to be honest). However, the car still does not handle the way it first did when I got it (it felt nice and solid - if that makes sense). I know some people say a simple bump on the road can throw the car's alignment off and cause terrible handling, however is there no permanent solution for this? Do I really need to get this thing wheel aligned every 3 months!?!?! I am now going down the path of getting my front control arm bushes replaced with Nolathane ones and hopefully this solves the "loose" steering feel. Does anyone have any other suggestions of what else I should look for? I am thinking my shocks/springs are getting old and maybe need to get these replaced too. My mechanic had a look at them and said as there are no leaks they should be fine to continue using. Is this correct? Does anyone also know if the standard R33 GTR shock/springs can go into the VSpec equivalent? Sorry for long winding rant and questions. Love my GTR and just want it to handle like one!
  14. MHHJ


    Thanks. That makes sense now. Kmart Tyre and Auto advised me with two mechanics working on the car at the same time they can do it in 2/3 hours. I think I should just budget for half a day to a day to make thing easier for myself.
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