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  1. Hi everyone! I am selling both Nissan -> ISO adaptor (wiring harness) along with the nissan radio adaptor for those who have bought a new headunit to install into their nissan car will require these two bits to make everything work. Fits an R34 Skyline 1998 -> 2002, not sure about other models.The condition is close to brand new. PM me if interested! Alternatively here is the link for more details: http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/doncaster-east/audio-gps-car-alarms/wiring-harness-nissan-/1022472314
  2. Hey guys I'm selling old tyres ** little tread left ** Tyre: 205 / 55 / 16 Good for a fun skid at the track etc, asking $50 for all four, come and collect! PM me if interested. Alternatively, here is the gumtree link for more pics / info : http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/doncaster-east/wheels-tyres-rims/4-x-tyres-205-55-16/1022471806
  3. Hi everyone, up for sale is my 2month old - Pioneer AVHx3500DAB. I have all the wires and connectors for this headunit including the original packaging and manuals for it. This headunit currently retails for $499, I'm asking for $380. (oh and just so it's not clear, this headunit is fully functional in all aspects, no scratches or anything) Sorry for the bad quality pics. PM me if interested, alternatively ring 0412 069 179. Cheers PS: Here's an external link to the product: http://www.jbhifionline.com.au/car-sound/car-dvd/pioneer-avhx3500dab-double-din-car-monitor/682496
  4. Hi guys I'm selling my R34 GTT manual. Details: Year: 2000 Colour: Black Tranny: Manual Price: Listed at $11,200 but will do $10,000 for an SAU forum user. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/doncaster-east/cars-vans-utes/2000-nissan-skyline-coupe/1021092656 Cheers!
  5. Definitely not noisy tyres or low on oil as I just had a major service done on it using the best oils. I will get a 5th mechanic to have a look at the problem soon and I'll tell him what you have said to see what he thinks. Hopefully I can sort this out without forking big money out. Thanks for the insight. If I ever get this fixed ill post up what is wrong with it.
  6. Hi everyone, I was wandering if anybody could give me some insight as to a very strange droning noise that is very LOUD heard in cabin. The drone sounds very bad and it only happens in 2nd, 3rd and 4th gears under load (does not happen in 1st or 5th gear). To add, it only happens from 2000rpm-2300rpm (very narrow rev range). The more I push the gas pedal under load, the more louder the sound is. Some background information: I recently purchased an R34 GTT to find out that it had a stagea RB25DET NEO engine in it (same engine, different sump, different mounts etc). The car has an R33 turbo internals in an R34 turbo gearbox. The clutch according to a mechanic at Chaser's Eastside, is a heavy duty either single or twin plated exedy / 5zigen clutch. Also, the clutch makes a metal on metal sound when depressed but I was told it is normal for heavy duty clutches to make those noises because of the lack of dampers in their design compared to the stock clutch. Now the clutch itself bites hard and is not slipping. It revs smoothly and nicely at higher RPMs, but at lower RPMs its a clunky and not very smooth. I've taken it to 4 different mechanics with varying experience and no one seems to have any idea what the issue is. They all seem to point me towards a drivetrain issue. I'm thinking it's probably the clutch but I need some ideas as to what and why this noise is happening. It's EXTREMELY ANNOYING! I've ruled out it being an exhaust issue, so could it possibly be that the rubbers on the engine mounts are worn out giving the clunk noise? OR possibly the fact that the engine swap was not done properly and mounts were not installed correctly giving a bad vibration? Additionally, when I am cruising in 3rd / 4th / 5th gear and I lightly tap the throttle gently or hold the throttle down at 5-10%, I hear a "clunk" "clunk" "clunk" noise along with a bit of bogging as if the car is getting gassed then nothing, gassed then nothing with clunking noises..... These problems have been making my life suck as I have forked a lot of money on this car and it still has these issues. Ideas / help / recommendations are highly welcome, thank you.
  7. will this bolt onto a neo rb25det engine?
  8. Grey

    Spotted Thread

    The YGM one would be me Laith I never get spotted haha I was there trading my car in for a R34 GTT and test driving it, I got my new car today stock as rock ^^
  9. Martin, how much did the swap cost you around? I'm thinking of doing it too...
  10. or a swap for a decent S15 200SX adm.
  11. road worthy can be arranged if a deposit is put down, VERY CLEAN CAR. WILL NOT DISAPPOINT!!
  12. Grey

    R34 Airbox

    no thanks mate, i got a snorkel =( just looking for the airbox
  13. Looking for a R34 25GT air box if anyone has got one lying around, doesn't have to have panel filter but the screws would be nice! Contact Jeff on 0412 069 179 I live in eastern suburbs in Melbourne. Cheers!
  14. Looking for a R34 25GT air box if anyone has got one lying around, doesn't have to have panel filter but the screws would be nice! Contact Jeff on 0412 069 179 I live in eastern suburbs in Melbourne. Cheers!
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