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  1. Due to uni commitments, I must put up my mistress for sale. For more details, please follow the carsales link. Cheers. http://www.carsales.com.au/pls/carsales/!c...5&cs_trans_id=1
  2. I was just wondering if the Greddy timer is compatible with Brant car alarms? Don't want to buy the tt and find out that I can't use it.
  3. Hey Hobzta, how many kms has ur 180 done and what transmission does it have (ie. auto or manual). Cheers.
  4. Not sure if they are Five stud, will go by his place and check. By the way, do you know what brand the mags are just so I can check with some tyre people if it will fit a Corolla?
  5. Hey bud, a friend of mine is looking for some rims for his toyota corolla. Is seriously considering the rims you have for sale. He is in Sydney and wanted to know if the offset will suit a corolla ? If you can pm me your contact number he'd like to give you a ring. Cheers.
  6. Hey Matboy, jus wondering how much you're selling the Super Dragger Exhaust for? What condition is it in?
  7. Thanks a lot for the help you guys. This a pretty useful website, in terms of advise and parts! Got a lot of both already so it's good to have. Cheers.
  8. Hey guys, I recently purchased a second-hand Blitz SUS metal mesh filter and I was wondering which is the best way to clean it? Is there a special recharger kit (like with the K & N ones) or can I just give it a wash? I tried putting an old toothbrush to it and it got some off the loose dust and grit, but it's still dirty. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
  9. It's a jap spec tuner, although it's got that attachment that allows you to tune to australian radio stations.
  10. strutto, found the model of the head unit for you. It's a Panasonic CQ-MR555.
  11. sorry guys...got pic of wrong model. here's what the headunit looks like.
  12. Ed, can't seem to find a model number, but give me an email addy and I'll send u the pic I found on the net of the actual head unit. I'm not sure how to post up pics on the forum...
  13. Hey guys i have a top of the line Panasonic Minidisc headunit for sale. I was originally going to hook both an mp3 player and this minidisc player to my car but they were incompatible so I had to choose between one or the other. It is in very good condition. It has the following features: - chrome face - electric blue display - cd changer control - spectrum analyser - flip down face Asking price is $150 ono. If any of you guys are interested, pm me and we can tke it from there. Prefer Sydney buyers. Cheers.
  14. Hey bud I'm from Sydney and was wondering if the decks are still for sale? If they are, please send photos to spacepants_fb@yahoo.com. Very interested and willing to take off your hands. Also interested in the high flow cat and muffler...you know approximately how much it would be to install? Is there a noticeable power gain when it is installed? Cheers.
  15. Hey bud, has the front bar been sold yet? I was wondering how much it would cost to have that sent to Sydney. Very interested.
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