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  1. I'm having problem finding the topics menu bar. Dosent exist on my computer I think? Want to change to the standard setting. Getting tired of clicking on each and every ones answers in every topic here So much easier to just scroll down... HELP!
  2. I found this http://www.hastingsm...r%20Diameter%29 So It's the same rings on the turbo and non turbo rb30? Anyway I found where I can order them from: N*POWER http://www.nahux.com/NPOWER/product.php?part_no=2C4754
  3. I'm still waiting for the RB30 block yet so I think I will wait before I order any piston rings. But feel free to give me some suggestions on places I can order them from.
  4. Very slippery and fun I guess Don't want to destroy the car by driving it on our salted roads. So the winter is the best time to do many modifications on it
  5. The only problem is that I live in Sweden... Is there any place I can order them from?
  6. Thanks! Yeah the white ones are the best!
  7. Where can I buy standard piston rings to RB30E? Stock pistons that is...
  8. Hi my name is Jerry and I'm a Skyline gt-r freak Joined the Forum because I wanted to learn more about the RB30/26 conversions as I'm starting with my own RB30 build this year. My car is a R32 gt-r 1994 with many go-fast bits. Drove it for the first time in December 2009 and that was also the first time I ever driven a right hand drive car with was very exiting (and maybe dangerous!). The whole 2010 season (May-September) did I use it as much as I could do and I even had the time to do my own modifications on it. The car when it was in Japan When it first arrived in UK And now in Sweden with new wheels and rear spoiler fitted At a local car show where I won third prize In the end of season it look like this Cheers Jerry
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