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  1. hey people, thanks for that info it's what i was looking for. As for why the engine transplant, basically i feel the extra torque would come out though the added capacity with later mods in the planning. making the car more drivable the only problem doing the RB26 conversion is that the engine is VERY expensive! and i think the difference in price could be spent on mods thanks Shane
  2. i'm interested to know what needs to be done to get an RB25DET to fit into an R32 GTS4. the engine of choice will be out of a R33 GTSt, so far i know i need a custom sump made up. is there anything else? engine mounts/g'box bell housings. I'm guessing it will need a new dump pipe from the turbo? Also just out of curiosity, what are the features on a R32 GTS4 ie p/steering, p/mirrors, AC etc etc??? any help would be great on either topic. thanks Shane
  3. Sydneykid, thanks for that info, damn i always thought the R33 GTS4 was turbo'd, oh well. i was going to get the internals re-build anyway so the 33 block may be the way to go (balanced/shot peened crank and rods, forged pistons etc etc) the only other option i can see is to have a custom sump made up but have it modeled off the original 4WD RB20 one. that way a few baffles could be put in, stop the oil surging at the track Shane
  4. sorry to hi-jack the thread a little, but i'm in the process of bringing an R32 GTS4 over from japan (read getting the money together :Oops: ) but will be performing the RB25DET swap over on it (along with a decent level of modifications), anyway, my question is will the RB20DET g'box bolt up to the RB25DET block easily or is there some work that needs to be done? thanks Shane
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