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  1. See below, the little icon or pictures are all broken. Cheers
  2. Hi mate, everyone is right, there is only 2 or 3 places here. However i believe Hi-Tech are more intune (pardon the pun) with tuning import vehicles. Ive a R33 Skyline GTS-t rolling out over 260rwkW @17psi. Chicko
  3. Hi all, just dropping in to say hello. The bloody weather here is freezing but it beats sweating all day. Well keep rolling. chicko
  4. If you guys can't post informative or helpful anwsers, then please dont bother posting your rubbish on the forums. It's not wanted, needed or required and all your proving is your a post whore who is about as useful as belly button fluff.
  5. dude, have you advertised it in the for sale areas also ? you will get more response in there. chicko
  6. hey when are we going to see your rocket at the drag strip ???
  7. i sure some day someone will , so i will hold you to that ..... lol
  8. N.T Titles ( Drag Racing ) Saturday 15th July 06 gates open 12.30 qualifying from 1.30 to 6.00 racing from 7.00 come on guys, i wanna see more than just mine and sarah's skyline racing this event. chicko
  9. well i prefer the light skin, at least you dont have to squint to read the words, as in the dark background everything is tiny and kinda blurred.....
  10. To reduce the wastegate opening pressure you need to pull it apart and change the spring inside of it. However changing it to open at 1 psi would be the dumbest thing ive heard today. Your wastegate would be just about always open, and for instance trying to drive up a hill with no boost cause your gate is venting all your exhaust gases would drive you nuts. Your drivablitiy of the car would go out the window as it would be a slug, you know like driving grandma's Hyundi.
  11. why not try some of the go fast performance shops down south for an aftermarket crank. at least then you know its good quality . im unclear on prices but asume you can get what ever spec you want for under 2g try searching nengun or greenline , for hks / jun / tomei etcetc greenline / cranks
  12. mehhh , N1's aren't big ............
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