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  1. Thanks for the replies the issue is more intermittent but is increasing more frequently since I replaced the O2 sensor. The car idle seems fine & will rev without any issues when in neutral & also when you just seem to ease on the power however there are times which is now more often that as soon as you need the power to say overtake the problem comes in. I'm not sure how to explain it I'm certainly no mechanic but it's holding back in the low end of the rev range from 2500rpm through to about 3500-4000rpm, after that the power seems to come on fine. I haven't replaced the fuel pump as yet guess this is something else to look into cheers, however fuel consumption I thinks alright around 380-400km.. starts fine in the morning however I don't drive it every day but when I do it starts without any hassles so I don't know…I've basically got to the point where I know I'm going to need to spend some $$$ if I want to get to the bottom of the problem, which is kinda why I've gone the new ecu just wasn't sure if I should wait & get it to someone first before installing it. Would rather try & not create anymore problems & thought I would see if anyone else may have had similar issues & might be able to point me in the right direction of who to talk too.
  2. mods currently running fmic, exhaust, pod, spitfire coil pack. I've also replaced the plugs, cleaned air flow meter, replaced all filters, new coil pack loom & the last part was the O2 sensor which seems to have increased the issue.
  3. Hi everyone hopefully I'm posting in the correct section but I'm looking for some advise & help if at all possible. Basically I have owned a 96 series 2 R33 GTST for almost 3 years now & since owing the car I've been chasing an issue of misfire/hesitation upon coming onto boost. A quick brief on the story so far after first getting the car & never owing a turbo car before I decided to take a mechanic for a service/tune & to hopefully sort the hesitation. Unfortunately once I got the car back the mechanic said that due to my mods (basic stage one) that I was on the max with what he could do with the ecu which has resulted in boost now set to below standard & still with the issue just less of it. Being the male I am & on limited funding I then decided to educated myself on the car & to see if the issue might be something else… I then found this website SAU Australia & since then I've been using the search function quite a bit trying to get to the bottom of this issue. I've replaced so many parts now trying to fix the fault but all I seemed to do with every part change is either nothing or make the problem a little worse. I've now bitten the bullet & placed an order for a Power FC which I'm currently waiting to arrive, I've not long moved back to NSW (Sydney) & I'm still trying to find a tuner to help me. I've contacted a couple of places via email but this seems to be a waste of time as no one replies guessing the good ones are always busy or just think I'm wasting their time. What I'm looking to know is can anybody possibly recommend a tuner around south western syd? Also would you advise waiting on installing the new ecu until I can hopefully find someone to check over the car first? Thanks in advance
  4. Yeah no probs 10am, meet ya there look for the same car as yours lol
  5. Hey Mhy33, I'm from Wynnum if your keen for a cruise tomorrow I'll be up for it, kinda new to Brissy I've got a silver 33 GTST also.
  6. mick80


    Name: Michael Car: 96 Silver R33 GTST Area: Brisbane Hi everyone, just moved up from Sydney to Brisbane & after a painful process of getting rego on my car. I was finally able to take her out for my first cruise since coming up & I found a place I think its called Mt Nebo? Anyway what an awesome piece of road I must say apart from a bit of road works & few doggy motorbike/pushy riders. If anyone know of any other nice drives for a noob let me know or if you want to meet up it would be good to go on a cruise with others.
  7. mick80

    No Airbag Light

    Oh I've also got a spare cluster going cheap, just missing the airbag light
  8. mick80

    No Airbag Light

    Finally some good news, brought the cluster off coaster. Removed the LED globe & wires hooked up to mine & tested & I'm happy to say I now have a working airbag light on my cluster so with any luck I will finally have the WOVI certificate this week... then I can finally get rego back on my car & back on the road been such a painful process. So thanks to Chris for your time & help also coaster for the cheap cluster cheers guys. Looking forward to getting out & meeting some SAUQLD members soon.
  9. mick80

    No Airbag Light

    Thats some good news if you can help me out Chris, more the happy to drop it to you when your available. I could bring it out to any afternoon or evening just let me know when you might have sometime. I'm really hoping to get back to the inspection place this week & finally get it sorted.
  10. mick80

    No Airbag Light

    I seem to have found out what I'm missing from my cluster, the part I'm looking for is the black connector for airbag globe that connects into the back of the instrument cluster, there as two wires that connect into the back of the globe which are also missing. If anyone has one spare that there not using & maybe want to sell or could possibly lend me so I can pass this inspection let me know otherwise I guess I will try & source one from Nissan, thanks in advance.
  11. mick80

    No Airbag Light

    Ok after some digging I've come across a photo, now comparing to the back of mine I don't have a wire running from the airbag terminal. I'm suspecting this maybe my issue. If someone could confirm that there should be a wire connected & if they could let me know where it should be going too as the picture I have, doesn't seem to show the whole of the back of the cluster. Dam I don't seem to be able to upload the picture not sure what I'm doing wrong, anyway there is a wire connected on the back of the cluster to the airbag terminal but I can't see where it is connected to
  12. mick80

    No Airbag Light

    If anyone has a photo of a R33 series 11 cluster they could post share with me that might help me just to check a couple of things
  13. mick80

    No Airbag Light

    Just wanted to say a huge thanks to Chris for taking the time to drop round & scan my car today, I'm still a little in the dark lol however we were able to sort of narrow it down a bit. Will be definitely joining SAU QLD once I'm finally back on the road this site is worth its weight in gold. thanks again
  14. mick80

    No Airbag Light

    Cheers for the info on parts, I will hopefully know a little more tomorrow
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