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  1. Looks like broken rings? I have a good neo turbo bottom end if interested.
  2. I haven't seen many results since e85 has become so available. What size are your apexis in comparison?
  3. Why were u looking at t517z, what made you get the apexi?
  4. Ok. I already have some stock ones . I'll put that money towards getting everything on exhaust side ceramic coated.
  5. I am in the process of going back to twins using t517z turbo, aiming for around 390 wkw on e85. Has anyone seen or know of any results/ feedback on these manifolds gcg are selling?
  6. Does anyone have any thoughts / experience with these manifolds? I'm going back from big single to twins t517z on Gtr atm. Was looking at these manifolds from gcg but not much info around. Does the coating still work on stainless as it does with cast / mild steel?
  7. Thanks I'll look into it. Can you pm me your number please.
  8. Any idea what's required to make these fit r34 Gtr and where parts are available from?
  9. What you might save now will be lost X2 when you need to sell an auto car that's been converted to manual. Keep looking.
  10. Turbine housing will be too small on that one. I'd suggest an Borg Warner airwerks around s257 / 7670 / 8070 size.
  11. Hi I have one. My number is zero four 37529050.
  12. Griffin

    RB25 head

    Hi I have one. In Newcastle also
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