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  1. What you might save now will be lost X2 when you need to sell an auto car that's been converted to manual. Keep looking.
  2. Turbine housing will be too small on that one. I'd suggest an Borg Warner airwerks around s257 / 7670 / 8070 size.
  3. Hi I have one. My number is zero four 37529050.
  4. Griffin

    RB25 head

    Hi I have one. In Newcastle also
  5. I have a very good original one. Pm me
  6. Option 1 is the wrong thing to do. R34 ones are wrong. Get s2 r33 coils and loom
  7. swap your splitfires for r33 s2. It's pretty easy to convert the wiring to delete the ignitor. Get a new 33 s2 coil loom if your plugs are too brittle to change the pins around as the wiring is different
  8. What bolt ons would that need to make 400kw mate?
  9. I have one my number is nought4 37529050
  10. Is it an re4ro1a box? I wouldn't bother rebuilding, get a 2nd hand one. Where are you located?
  11. Put some foam around the AC fan so air goes through the cores. Makes a difference at lights
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