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  1. Who has more power TOP or BOTTOM? Is that the question?
  2. I have a real trust greddy one exactly the same but better . That's a greddy copy Chinese crapper.
  3. Yes correct. Tune would help. Ive got a forged 3025 neo and r33 gtst.ill put it on that if I don't find a buyer. Any help selling would be greatly appreciated. The one I put on is slightly similar to what came off but with t4 rear and better twin scroll manifold / external gate setup.
  4. No , pulled the plug before it became too used and worthless. Upgraded to a turbo off a tractor.
  5. Selling borgwarner efr turbo. It's a 9174 aluminum chra with t04 twin scroll external waste gate turbine housing and oil drain. Bov has been removed / blanked from compressor housing as it was low mounted and not practical. Also have 2 new in box 40mm turbosmart wastegates. Would like to get $3000+ for the lot or $600 for gates and $2600 for turbo. Owes me around $4k . Was setup with old single wastegate . These ones have not been used Only removed as I'm going smaller and can't justify spending more money on upgrading fuel system and chasing big power numbers. May swap for something of interest. Would like an na r33 skyline or stagea. Sms any offers. Zero437529050. Literally brand new. As seen in pic s
  6. I've taken the efr off and am going to sell it . Went back to a smaller turbo and couldn't be happier. I'll list it in for sale section if anyone is interested.
  7. Griffin

    What will that end up costing just for what jez is doing? Was trying to get someone to go to him to get similar done. He had a bad experience with other workshops.
  8. I'm clearing out the shed and have the following r32 gtr parts I'll be selling. Can someone please give me a price for each that I should ask for them so im not asking too much or too little thanks guys. Gearbox Rear cradle complete diff/ brakes shafts etc Radiator Steering rack Steering column with ignition and key Engine loom and ECU Ac compressor brake master/ booster Clutch master/booster and lines Pedal box Front hubs R33 turbos less turbine housing x2 N1 turbine housing x2 Flywheel M's pod filters/ adapters Flywheel Stock intercooler Gearbox crossmember Turbo manifolds and oil / water lines and associated plumbing Abs pump Any help greatly appreciated thanks
  9. Selling brand new turbine housing only to suit efr 8374 or 9174 turbo. Twin scroll t04 external waste gate Will post
  10. 1.05 ts ewg. Previous turbo was 8370 wheel size Borg Warner journal bearing with internal wastegate that was too small to control boost. Definitely a lot less restrictive now on the exhaust side. Tuned on eflex with cam gears adjusted to suit. Has 264 greddy cams.
  11. I'm not too clued up on the tuning side of it. How much of an improvement do you expect after tuned properly? Stand alone ebc.
  12. I've just gotten the 9174 running on rb26. Needs a tune. Alot better off boost but only makes .5 bar at 4k rpm. Will a tune fix the laziness much?
  13. Bnr 34 coils have inbuilt ignitor and mount the same as r32/r33 coils ie the 2x 3 aluminum x shape brackets, they aren't the same as r34 neo coils mounting wise. The bnr34 coils use the same plug/wiring sequence as r35/vq coils. I've fitted neo coils to a vh45 eliminating the ignitor from each bank. Was pretty straight forward, I changed the pin location on back of plugs and added a +ve to each or from memory. Was a while ago.
  14. Griffin

    What electrical connectors does it use?