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  1. dlskip, I have the same problem as you, I am also trying to find why aircon clciks when started....if I find out will let you know....
  2. Sounds cool, Where abts is 6c at homebush, anything I should look out for?
  3. Anyone coming from Penrith-Parra way to homebush? Let me know if so..
  4. Thanks Kabab. Will try and get there, how many numbers so far?
  5. I Would like to come, but I need to know some more info abt the cruze, if something can let me know would be great!!
  6. Chance of another Skyline joing in on the cruise? Am new to all this,but would be mad to cruise?
  7. Hey Guys, Kinda new to this site, So are there any definite cruises happening this wkend?
  8. Hey Guys, Newby to this site so be patient with me. I own a R33 and over the last 2 days have noticed in the dash the HICAS light come on sometimes and stay on. Can anyone shed some light on this?
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