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  1. I have a set of oem v35 skyline floor mats, the driver side one is showing a fair bit of wear and tear, but the passenger and rear mats are in good condition. $50
  2. OEM floor mats. If possible just the front mats, if cant separate then the full set will do.
  3. oem would be fine, which ones are cheaper
  4. Na i think it was a diff one i saw it was charcoal grey tho, i'll keep an eye out for u mate
  5. Cheers buddy, u too mate look after it
  6. Cheers boys. Yeh i seen u on dean st mate hahah and yea i work at the border mail, nice looking 33 first time ive seen it around. I've seen the black v35 in alb looks and sounds nice. I think i seen tim's r32 going around sweet ride mate.
  7. i seen the white r33 last nite, i got the blue v35
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