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  1. No it's the normal afm type not the D jetro map sensor one
  2. I have a r34 rb25 flexplate on my rb30 and no problems with it fitting with the rb30 starter
  3. When I was driving it I was running same size wheels and the issue has always been there I only have the silver wheel on because the rim was cracked and repaired but still leaks. Thanks for the suggestion
  4. 98 c34 stagea rs4s factory manual Looking for $8000 Located Inverell 205,000 km Hypergear hiflow Adaptronic plugin needs to be tuned 600 cc injectors Npc clutch Towbar Pwr intercooler Walbro 255l fuel pump Tien coilovers Bad points Unregistered Needs new front bar and guard fixing Rust under mirrors 4wd light comes on Paint on the wing is peeling the rest is pretty good it's been resprayed at some point This was my daily so it's not perfect I have owned it since 170,00 km it's been reliable I have most parts needed for rego I just haven't fitted them I can if needed there's a few spare parts and I have a 3 inch dump pipe it won't come with the 18s there cracked and I will put new tyres on the 17s on the front. there's probably more that I have missed. Only reason I'm selling is I don't have the time or money and have lost interest and getting in the road.
  5. Still looking for some standard shocks if anyone has any.
  6. Boostaholic

    IMG 0989

    I would like to start a build thread soon and I have taken a fair few pics while I was doing this
  7. Hi im looking for rs4s standard shocks for rego. thanks
  8. The rb30 pistons require modifying and they end up with a compression ratio around 7.1-7.2 I done this about 6 years ago and had done around 40,000km and still going strong it's not as responsive as a stock engine
  9. Thanks for the offer $500 is too low I might consider $800
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