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  1. A little late by now, but have you tried connecting on ODBII for a detailed error code? I personally use / connect with a $5 Bluetooth ODBII connector from eBay, my android phone and about 3 different free apps; some of which include fault reading and clearing. One of the reasons I went for a Skyline over another car I was looking at, was the fact its basically a Nissan; mostly a 350z . In a push, I would go to a Nissan dealership or someone else who is conversant with the locally sold 350z.
  2. I just re-read the post. I am assuming the 06 bumper fits the 03 coupe? No need for mudguards. I don't think I have seen mudguards. I must thinking of something completely different. Please post pictures, and how much you want and where you are; so I can get a price for delivery, if your not somewhere in Sydney? Or PM me, if you prefer, or so no-one grabs it from under me😉
  3. When you say "shoddy", is it something a new coat of paint would fix? or is it more substantial? I have a bumper, but mine is a little bit shoddy.
  4. Hi all, been a long time since I was here, so hope I post this all OK. I am looking for two parts for a V35 2003 1. Rear Drivers side (RHD) tail light 2. Rear bumper bar, preferably silver in colour
  5. But they also seem to "heel" on their own accord. Because of this, I am hoping its simply a loose wire / connection somewhere?
  6. Hi, Its been a while since I was here, but recently, My audio/computer stopped working, partially. I have a V350 GT 2003 Premium. It has the Bose audio, with the rest pretty much standard with the addition of the Aux connector from Chris. In this Aux socket I usually plug my phone in for Audio. To use the Aux connector, I have to set the input source (ie CD/FM1/FM2/AM/Tape) to AUX. Recently, it stopped being able to switch to Aux. I also noted, that my computer (ie Fuel economy/compass etc) was a black screen. If I pressed the right button, the display contrast etc came up on the screen (ie the screen worked fine). I thought (ie hoped) it was simply a blown fuse to one of the computers and planned to check them at my next free moment. However, the other day, It all started to work again. And then, stopped, but is now working again for the past few days. When it was working/not working I noted that (on the screen) it looked like the computer was booting, shutting down and rebooting. It also made sense with the random beeps (as when starting) I was hearing while driving. Its as if there is a loose wire somewhere. Any ideas? I'd like to get it reliable and the constant shutdowns can't be good for it. I tried searching the forums, but it simply pulled up hundreds of unrelated posts, so sorry if its a well known issue.
  7. Torque never worked for me either or DashCommand. Although there is a paid add-on to the paid Torque app version that implies it will connect to Nissan cars. It sounds as if there could of been a bug in the version of the Android app you tried, as both the apps listed above had no issues attaching to my ECU. If you still have the plug, maybe download the latest versions of the above two apps and try again. I do notice on their change history that they say something like "Improve connection to ECU". Try the other app that works for me as well, its not as graphical (not that either are compared to Torque), but still connects to my ECU and provides the data. I have had cases where if I leave the bluetooth adapter plugged in, it wont re-connect until I unplug it and re-plug it in, but that's about it. Oh, and its a little bit of a guessing game as to how long it takes to be up and receiving results.
  8. And it doesn't work for me UNLESS I specifically run the above software. The added bonus is that you can have some hint (ie if the adapter works) with the connect providing status info also, I notice they are currently up to V1.5 on the adapters. do you know what version you had? I am also good with android and am running on KitKat, and know my bluetooth connected to the adapter. On the software that did not work, it actually came back saying that the phone connected to the adapter, but could not connect to the ECU. Do you remember what ver you had? and where it failed?
  9. Its been a while since I have read these forums, but I thought others may be interested and I only found a couple of very brief post on it. I thought I would let people know that the $15 bluetooth OBD II eg http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/190868683257 work on our imported Nissan Skyline 2003 V350GT coupe. The trick is that there are only a few apps that will actually connect to our cars, right off the market. Everyone suggest "Torque" which does not work straight up and "DashCommand" looks great, but also did not work for me. The software that DID work is "Nissan DataScan II Lite" and "EconTool ELM327 for Nissan" https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nissandatascan.ndsiilite and https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.scobasoft.econtool hmm I tried to attach screenshot and vid, but it failed for me. Sorry.
  10. Not buying, butr always interested in seeing photos of other V's. I noticed your ad has no photo's from the rear,
  11. Not looking or a new bonnet, but I noticed on eBay your car is black. Why a silver bonnet?
  12. I'd be interested in knowing what he did recommend instead of a V? And in regards to low km's, understand that a lot have had their odometers wound back. If you get one from an importer, I have heard that you can search the VIN and see what it had on the odometer when it was auctioned, although not a guarantee it wasn't wound back before auction.
  13. I like these a lot. Got a set in 19"'s but stuffed up on the offsets and went for the tractor fittment (ie smaller on the front) so they are not as concave on the front. But they still look good. I can attest to the fact they stay much cleaner than my previous ones with a dish in regards to brake dust. A BIG bonus.
  14. OK this was a weird and scary one for me when it happened, however, as soon as I stopped and restarted the car (while filling a tyre) it all went back to normal. One day, I started my car and I noticed the "Check A/T" light was on. Then I also noticed that the "Check Oil" light was also on. And then I noticed that the tacho, speedometer and the little window showing the gear your in were also dead. The fuel and odometer (center of speedo) were however working. It was very scary. Since I knew the AT and oil. lights were on because something electronic was wrong, I continued to drive it, and needed to pump up one tyre (I have remote tyre pressure monitoring). I thought (and hopped) maybe a fuse had blown. So, at the gas station I turned the car off while I pumped the one tyre up. When I restarted the car, everything went back to normal and was working as if nothing had happened. It also has not happened since. Has this happened to anyone else? should I be worried that something electronic is on its way out?
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