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  1. Last chance before I cancel the registration............
  2. If you've been sitting on the fence last chance to go for a test drive is this week as the insurance run's out on the 6th of May. Open to negotiation on price. I'll give it another month and then ill probably strip the car. Cheers, Theo.
  3. I don't know how much more motivation you need, look at that sexy bitch AHHAA These wheels do not come with the car as they are buckled!!!! Hit me up, have a chat, come for a test drive, bring a deposit - the car will not disappoint..................
  4. The only things to gripe about are....... The Key-less entry doesn't work - I'm guessing it needs a new fob fob for the key as I've replaced the battery and that didn't get it working. The rear tailgate struts have leaked again, had them re-gassed about 3 years ago ($80) - (might be better off getting genuine) There is a Dent in the drivers door - easily pushed out via paint-less dent removal. (Photo below) One of the Parker lenses has fallen out and is floating in the passengers side headlight BUT i have a pair of spare lights here which i haven't got round to pulling apart and painting black. I think the aerial booster wire has come off or not working as the Radio reception drops out occasionally (Arial is in the rear quarter windows) Other than that get in and drive the thing!!!!
  5. For sale please check out the add here.........
  6. Hey guys and girls, It's a sad day but I've got to let it go as I've bought a tow car and can no longer keep the Stagea. I bought the car from Northshore Prestige back in 2011 (65,000km). Been looked after and undercover all its life here, serviced every 5000km. it has 11months Rego and is priced to sell. $12,000. (204kw@w & 750nm - Still on stock turbo @ 16psi) I'll start off with the extra's: Freeway Dolphin vented bonnet $1000ono G37 Akebono Brakes $2000ono HKS F-con V-pro ECU with PnP loom $1750ono the following list comes with the car......... K&N airfilter with custom power duct airbox mod. Scotty's Custom 3" Dump pipe. Full SS X-force 3" exhaust with 100cell cat, resonator and muffler with dual tips. BC Racing Coilovers, Whiteline Swaybars & Underbody bracing. 17mm Phenolic intake spacer with ceramic coated intake & pipes. Transgo Shift Kit with B&M trans cooler and thermo fan. (80deg) HDi 3" Intercooler Kit. Mishimoto Radiator and 76deg Nismo thermostat. Scotty's Water coolant mod (opens up the rear water gallery on the back of the block) Daleo's Custom 2.5" suction pipe. Scotty's custom 16PSI wastegate actuator. Turbosmart Dual port BOV. 18x8" Koya RG-Tek rims with RE003's 350Z 3.08:1 LSD diff HKS? Sandwitch plate and B&M oil cooler with thermo fan. (80deg) Power steering cooler. Blacked out AXIS grill / Blacked out front headlights. AXIS body kit with flairs. Nismo rear tailgate wing. V35 Facia with Kenwood DDX4031 Cd player/ Sat Nav/ Bluetooth etc etc AXIS floor mats & leather everything. Rear boot mat with pull out cover. Service history summarized. LSD diff service and installed with new fluid 10/2013 Gearbox flushed 112,500km 4/2016 Rocker cover gaskets replaced 4/2016 Coolant flush & Oil/filter 112,500 4/2016 Spark plugs & Oil/filter 120,000km 4/2017 K&N filter (after the BMC filter died) 124,500km 10/2017 Brake Fluid flush 124,500km 10/2017 Oil & filter 129,000km 2/2019 the belts have been replaced haven't noted down when but lubed every 5000km O2 sensor & AFM replaced 2017 New battery in 2017. New front disc's in 2017. I have a new pollen filter which hasn't been installed yet. and if your still reading: 2011 - all mod's except ECU 176kw@w on the DVS dyno 2012 - it made 204kw@w on the DVS dyno with a guess of 750nm of torque. 2012 - WISD 1/4 mile - 13.9sec (i think it was at 140km/h) 2014 - SMSP South Circuit - 1:08 with Nitto Semi slick's Hopefully i've covered everything but feel free to email me or send a msg (can't answer during business hours) tmuuldriks at gmail.com 0412 zero seven three 215 Thanks Theo.
  7. yeah I'm 100% out the motor has blown the rear rotor. Rhys was going to buy my spot but haven't heard back from him yet.
  8. FFS, Looks like I've blown my motor on the weekend, whats the chances of pulling out if I cant get it fixed on time ???
  9. # 127 Please, I've just Sent Entry.
  10. LOL LOL LOL what would Christian know!!! and why would you trust his flash tune meant for a different motor HAHAHA Firstly your not making any power over 16PSI (on a stock turbo) as the turbo cant flow that much air your just producing extra heat. Go see a real tuner and put the car on a dyno before you punch Piston #6 out of the block like the rest of you new age Stagea owners and put a 100cell cat on the thing FFS
  11. I Will have to make my mind up if I skip Round 4 of the SuperSprints (at Wakefield the day before) and come to this instead....... Honestly I would rather come and do this HAHA **(Following so I don't forget to book if all goes well in May at Round 3 of the SuperSprints!!!)**
  12. unless you have the proper tools to get the strap tight enough on the boot I wouldn't bother, just pull the CV's out and drop them off to get done cost ya like $100 labour for all 4 and you wont have any nasty leaks and have to do it again.
  13. If the R35 can be twin turbo and twin supercharged then why cant a Stagea be twin turbo, don't be soft just do it........... same engine bay size.
  14. if your blowing up AFM's I'd be looking at your air filters. Especially if they are an oil type Like K&N or BMC etc etc. (no reason why they wont last 120,000km / 15 years)
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