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  1. Id be keen for a set for my R34 GTT if the group buy goes ahead again
  2. Ill have to give it a miss this year unfortunately, Im flying back in from Thailand that day.
  3. What condition are the interior plastics in ? (ie auto trans surrounds, plastic around power window switches etc)
  4. Tyrepower at Parafield ordered Achilles in for me.
  5. Im with justcar and both times i had repairs done i got two quotes of my own from the repairers i wanted and they were happy to go with my preferred repairer.
  6. There's no entry fee for spectators. There is a fee for the dinner
  7. One of the slowest will be there... Im signed up for everything
  8. Awesome Andrew, I might try and come along. The Dom Polski centre is a great venue to watch fights at, especially from upstairs. Good luck!
  9. Give the bloke a go first i reckon. Id rather someone normal be there rather than a career politician that is so out of touch with reality its not even funny
  10. Anyone know a decent tax accountant that's used to dealing with investment properties?
  11. Does that mean that mine is buggered as well Pete?
  12. I had a gread day out there yesterday for my first track day. Im definitely looking forward to the next one. I need to stop myself from thinking about more power now though
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