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  1. I've got some videos on the GoPro I haven't gone through yet. Although my wife came down with me and took a heap of videos which I'll upload today at some stage ?
  2. I did a best of a 14.17 on this occasion. I believe a high 13 would be possible, taking into consideration: - hot day - fresh setup and not alot of opportunities to practice launching - not really setup for the drags - a better driver, being fresh, I was pussy footing the launch a tad. I won zero kebabs as not hectic enough Uleh.
  3. So this happened.. decided to go and do a run down the strip yesterday. See what it'd do.
  4. Thankyou very much mate!! Appreciate you taking the time to read it ?
  5. Have done 1000kms in total (untuned and tuned) since the engine went in, so wanted to do an oil/filter change too. Threw a spanner over a heap of things to double/triple check everything. It's all looking pretty good though! I'm just enjoying being able to drive it, honestly.
  6. I really think so too! It won't be for a while. I plan on enjoying what I've got here, I'd like to do some track days in the new year and maybe a couple of runs down the 1/4 before Xmas. We shall see though ?
  7. Goal of 150 - 160ish on Benchmark Solutions dyno I think would be somewhat realistic. Depending on a few factors, final compression ratio will dictate fuel I'll be running. Ultimately I'd prefer 98 for simplicity, however I'm not against the corn juice. I have alot of mates asking me, egging me on to go turbo, a few things hold me back there. Driveline is #1 these gearboxes are ordinary at best when it comes to turbo torque, there is a couple of bandaid fixes, although nothing I'm that interested in. Emissions is #2 I really wanted this to fly under the radar, hence N/A, slightly lowered, understated outside. When I add a FMIC, turbo choo choo's etc it makes it stand out a little more. N/A screamer #3 it's a passion of mine too. I like the challenge of having no forced induction to rely on to make power, there is nothing quiet like the sound of an N/A car at 8k too. I recently had a mate drive the N14, before it was tuned. He's all about forced induction. He said to me, this thing doesn't need a turbo man. It's so well balanced in power/weight and also the perfect mix of street/track setup. That came from a guy who turbos everything he owns and also before it was tuned, so no big revs.
  8. I was probably 'hoping' since my crank is only driving the alternator that it would free up another few kw. However the thing absolutely hammers. It isn't scary fast, obviously. However the power vs chassis is very well balanced. I do have another engine in the pipeline with alot more compression, larger cams, alot of head work etc etc. So we'll see how that progresses. I'll enjoy this over the next 9 - 12 months before I finish the other engine ?
  9. The video does the sound absolutely no justice at all! That intake sound was making my chest vibrate. Was probably the best moment I've had with my cars, seeing it being revved like it should on the dyno and being able to actually hear it only 3m away. The way the car drives now, it feels alot more powerful than the 132kw the dyno says... maybe I'm just butthurt from the final figure? ?? A 1/4 mile trap speed should clear up the power figure a little better anyhow ?
  10. I'll just leave these here. Unfortunately I had to work when the tune was finalised, however Benny did do a baseline run for me when I was there. Made sure everything was safe, which it was and ran it up. It was 124fwkw when I took it to him. So this is the final result. 20191202_162709_1.mp4
  11. Basically it helps the rear end hang on through a corner, prevent the back end over taking the front lol. Thanks man!!! Update: car is at the tuners now And a Skyline for all you SAU Junkies
  12. Thank you very much! The outside of the car definitely isn't the best. However that's never been my strong suit either. I'm planning to have a small amount of paint and panel done in the new year, although I'm not going all out, as the car will be used, not a trailer queen / garage ornament.
  13. Lastly, the engine bay is about as good as I can do. So that's it. I'll call it finished under there. It's ready for a tune, this coming Monday and I'm pretty excited about it. ?
  14. While it was up on the hoist, I figured I'd take a few snaps of the exhaust.
  15. Had to slightly modify the front cross member to allow extra clearance for the 4-1 headers. After that, finally drove the thing!! Obviously light load, watching AFR's like a hawk. Drove it down to a mates shop where I did a wheel alignment.. for the street. For now..
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