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  1. I have spent alot of time on dirt bikes. Alot of fun, very under rated. Your shed sounds like a wet dream
  2. Mig is pretty good, quiet universal and somewhat easy to use, the hardest thing is setting them up. Most guys just set them up by the sound. Yeah perfect. They don't offer the 'trade - n - go gas' at my local Bunnings, so Gasweld/Sydney tools are the go-to for me.
  3. That's pretty awesome you were gifted a welder dude. Is it a mig or tig? Assuming it isn't a stick welder if you need gas. Gas is pretty good these days. I just 'bought' a bottle. So I own one, no rent. Then just pay for the gas when I swap it over.
  4. Hmm, we shall see Oh, also in regards to your previous post, the fab work has taken some time, that's for sure. It definitely wouldn't be on the front page of 'weld porn' however it is stuck together 😊
  5. I sussed each one out before the muffler was properly mounted. I leant towards the straight tip to be honest. Just looked 'right' to me, the dump was cool, and would probably grow on me, however when I saw them side by side the straight instantly looked understated, like the rest of the car I suppose.
  6. A dump tip is definitely on the cards. I'm going to mock up a 3" dump and a 3" straight, see which one I like more.
  7. Thanks again to all the guys following this thread. The exhaust is 95% complete. The whole thing is welded out, I bolted it up tonight, the only thing I haven't done is decide on the tip design. However I'm leaning towards just a 3" straight tip, keep the whole thing subtle. Started it up tonight, it is whisper quiet, which obviously wasn't an accident with all the mufflers in the exhaust. I am extremely happy with it though. Interior needs to be reinstalled and it'll be off to the tuner. Thanks again for reading.
  8. Bit of an on the fly update. Rear section is all tacked up, ready to be purged and welded out. Lobster for lunch anyone?
  9. Hey guys, a bit of progress today have the rear muffler hung. The rest of my pie cuts are cut and prepped, just need to finish tacking them tomorrow, weld it out and decide on the tip style I'd like to use. Anyhow, enjoy the pictures. Thanks for reading 😊
  10. Hey guys, not a massive update. Although the last one for a week or so. The exhaust is completely welded out and hung under it's own weight. New rubbers installed and 304 grade stainless round bar used to make exhaust hangers. I have 2 or 3 more bends to go, another v band or 2 bolt flange, (haven't decided yet, I have both just in case) and hang the rear muffler I'd say I'm a bit past half way and a bottle and half of Argon through the job. A side note, definitely need to 'upgrade' the nuts supplied on these vband flanges, nyloc nuts aren't going to cut it with heat lol.
  11. I'm still into it although having a little break. Have achieved a fair bit today. Anyway I'll let the photos do the talking. Ended up porting the lobster back section, as there was a bit too much penetration where the lobster back sections came really close together.
  12. This is where I got up to tonight. Pretty well buggered, so that'll do until tomorrow.
  13. Yeah, spot on, it's a tiny little 4" OD resonator 9" long from memory, exhaust is 3" so it is more or less redundant although it might help take some of the drone/rasp out of the thing, or that's the idea anyhow. Yes, that is very true. Time will tell, as I'm hooking into the exhaust now.
  14. A bit of a sneak peek Just need to stick it all together 😁
  15. Yeah 98 mate. E85 is a bit of overkill for this setup. I think that'll be fairly accurate. Around the 145kw mark should be achievable I think. We shall see though 😁
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