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  1. R32 gts4 skyline,1993 5 speed manual, all wheel drive, rb20det, switch to turn it to rear wheel drive, 2 month old respray in toxic green, white 18 inch akuma wheels, fully adjustable mdu coilover suspension brand new, put in 3 weeks ago, bodykit, intercooler, blow off valve, boost controller, cd player, boost gauge, oil pressure gauge, isotta steering wheel, vielside gear knob, 12 month old heavy duty clutch, tinted windows, gtr aluminium bonnet, led tail lights, gtr xenon hid headlights, custom alloy radiator, strut brace, 142000kms, 3 inch exhaust, power windows, sun roof, new steering rack ends, new tie rod ends, adjustable camber arms, big fuel pump, chipped computer. The car has had $6500 spent on it in the last 3 months doing it up, all that's left to make it show car material is the interior. it is a real head turner. Has squeaking upper control arm bushes that will need to be replaced, would only cost around $100 to fix and needs 1 new tyre. Horn doesnt work, no ash tray, passanger side dash vent and sun visor are missing... market value is still $13500 through insurance on a stockie, i have it in for 15k PLATES DO NOT COME WITH CAR!!! $10500ono CAR IS LOCATED IN QUEANBEYAN NSW 2620 0410487008 swaps considered for a b4 liberty or gt forester or something of interest, if subaru, must have proof of when the timing belt was last changed.
  2. Hi there people, I have a fuel injector leaking and am thinking about putting 550cc denso injectors of sard injectors in to replace them. Just wondering if anyone would know where I could get them in Australia at a good price? I have found denso ones on eBay, tried to find them elsewhere in Canberra because the ones on eBay are in America and don't want to wait too long as o e of mi e is leaking. are there any other modifications that I need to do to the car if I put the 550cc injectors in? The car already has boost controller, intercooler, about to put a drift chip in, thinking I may have to get another chip that has been tuned to suit the injectors. Trying to find the injectors at the cheaper price possible. Any help would be great cheers
  3. Hi ppl, wanting to do a service on my r32 gts4 manual gearbox, just wondering how much fluid they take and also what would be a decent oil to use? I tried googling it but not really any luck, everyone says something different. Cheers
  4. Zip tie on the shifter boot fixes the problem, went on a road trip on the weekend and waited until it smoked a bit then zip tied it, all good now
  5. Just wondering if a genuine gtr front bar will fit onto a gts4? Thinking that it might not because the guards are wider on the gtr but will it pull in to fit? Looking to but a gtr bar soon, just waiting for when the fiberglass front bar breaks
  6. Slowly getting my R32 gts4 going harder, already got intercooler, boost controller, waiting for the drift chip I ordered. Looking to put a bigger turbo on soon. Any suggestions on what I should do next? The car is gutless compared to the old 260rwkw soarer I swapped the skyline for, trying to get it to have some decent balls. Loved the power of the soarer but really they are ugly as all hell. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I was told put vl turbo fuel rails in, do they fit an rb20? If so os it easy? Cheers
  7. Hi ppl, I am slowly trying to get my r32 gts4 going a bit better, already got an intercooler, boost controller, waiting now for delivery of the drift chip I ordered, now looking to upgrade the turbo as it's stock. What would be the biggest turbo that I could use without causing the engine life to decrease dramatically? Cheers
  8. I can possibly have a respray done for you fo a good price, I have just resprayed my r32 2 weeks ago toxic green, came up nice, still needs a chop n buff though. Did all the prepwork, panel beating priming and masking myself n got a work mate to paint it for me. All would be done properly, have to do all prep work and priming and edge out at home though then paint the outside at work in a spray booth. We had to use 2 booth as all the plastics off the car took up a whole booth and then the car in another. I'm a qualified panel beater and he is a qualified painter. Pm me if interested. Cheers
  9. Just so everyone knows they are not adjustable, not sure of the info on them? Don't really k ow a lot about suspension. Not too sure how old they are, they were in the car when I got it about 6 months ago it's springs and shocks. I'll try get a pic up soon
  10. Hi ppl, my r32 has what sounds like a squeaking rubber coming from the front of the car on the drivers side when driving, any ideas what it could be? It's driving me mad
  11. I have for sale a full set of complete bilstein suspension to suit r32 gtr/gts4, just put adjustable coilovers in so I could drop it nice and low. And now don't need them. They are a nice tight ride. Pick up from queanbeyan nsw 2620 or can pack them in the box I got the coilovers in and have them couriered at buyers expense, up to the buyer to organize pick up. Asking price $600 they are not cheap crap mobile 0410487008
  12. Hi ppl, I brought a set of mdu adjustable coilovers for my r32 a few weeks ago, had to wait for the gtr bases for the rear before I put them in. I have adjusted the rear as low as I can get it which I'm happy with but the front is nowhere near as low as I want it, I want the tyres tucked under the guards and it is still sitting quite high. I adjusted the coils up as far as they would go and then adjusted the bases up until they met the springs. Have I done it wrong? I have never had adjustable coilovers before so I haven't done it before. Is there a way to get it lower? I was thinking of taking the bases off, measuring the depth of the thread in the base and measuring the thread on the strut then cutting the difference off the base to get it lower. Is this a dumb idea? Hope I have made sense in the way I have explained what I'm facing? Any helpfun info would be great. Cheers
  13. lil bit hard when i am on the site on my iphone and it doesnt show a search engine. all good, got gonna do it anyways
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