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  1. 7.5'' not sure of offset , probs sat in the rear gaurds 15mm
  2. 17'' ROH wheels 5x114.3 4 wheels 2 tyres good condition 2 tyres need replacing reason for selling is i have just bought a new set of wheels and i have nowhere to keep these wheels not sure of offset. 0420 419 267 <BR>located in newcastle area $ 300 ono
  3. i have a vg30 turbo on my 20 it is fine not real laggy
  4. http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/55845-rb25-turbo-upgrade-all-dyno-results/ this may give u some ideas
  5. yeah i stuffed up- pricey stuff up at that.
  6. yeah i just called the cops and their reply was - report the incident and take copies of my bank statements and all relavant sms messages.. some people are low!
  7. hey guys hey guys i have been looking for coilovers- so i posted an add on boostcruising........... anyhow a guy replied to me saying that he had a set of tein coilovers out of his r32 gts-t for $500, so he sent his bank details and a pic of them to me...so i deposited the money into his account now this guy is in sydney and im in newcastle 2 hours apart so 2-4 day delivery ! 2 weeks later they are still not here----------- so i txt him about an hour ago saying........hey bud the coilovers are not here yet? his reply was f**k off i dont know what ur talking about and i have the wrong number.. but i have messages and pics he sent me !!. now i have an iphone-----------once u txt someone u always have the number in messages... so my question is what can i do about this matter?? thanks .
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