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  1. Thanks for that mate, got in touch with Jack and have got it all sorted now
  2. Hi guys, looking for RB25DET NEO rocker covers, mainly the rocker cover with the PCV outlet but will buy both. Urgently! Any help in locating them would be great, like recommendations on where to look. I'm in melbourne btw Cheeres!
  3. I'm looking at doing this atm but have been putting it off for over 8 years because there is too much misinformation and bullshit...did you have any luck, i mainly want to do the cooling hoses not so much the heater hoses but i'd do them all if i could find a near perfect kit.
  4. f**ked any little fotball playing boys lately you old sick pedophile

  5. I have 3 but that's probably not what your after.
  6. I've just put my wheels spacers up on ebay,they were out of my 99' RS4S Just thought i'd post them on the forums as well: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/221244978499?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  7. Good to hear. I've been done over on here,it was the first and only time i've been ripped off online....so far.
  8. I'll deff grab one or all that are left!? Might give you a txt now and inbox you
  9. Aren't there two resivours and if so where are they, i know the one near the break booster but someone was talking about one below there or something. I think i have this same problem or at least i hope it's this simple!!!???
  10. Will this fit RS4S and are they even still for sale?
  11. Any particular model/year of patrol struts or just any will do the trick?
  12. Let us all know how it went jeremy???
  13. I'm going to have a couple children with me just a heads up with how i'm rolling on the day,i'm all for sum sik skidz bro tho lol
  14. Pix would be nice stagea came out a couple diff types of rims bro!
  15. tibinstein

    Vic Cruise

    I'll be going 100% with the GF so i'll see you all there
  16. tibinstein

    Vic Cruise

    If i'm given a weeks notice i can do sat or sun but deff sundays, i don't give a shit i'll make it. I havn't been to a stagea cruise since i was living in perth last year and cruises there were 3 times a week unlike poor old melbzzzzzzzz
  17. tibinstein

    Vic Cruise

    I'm up for a sunday cruise now that work has me flogging my guts out 6 days a week...
  18. Hmm,i'm yet to see a point to rear slotted only cause the stock brakes/rotors seem to be enough but you can never have enough STOP! One day i'll look into it for the wagons,wonder if anyone's done it yet!?
  19. The front pads number is deff DP1671,the number on the pic of the actual pad might just be for what side that pad was for. Thanks dirtyS14, i'm all about sharing the knowledge,i live for our battle wagons
  20. tibinstein

    Vic Cruise

    I'm f**ken there whenever you guys figure it out 100% =)
  21. Hey guys just pulled my finger outta my ass so here's all the part numbers for slotted front rotors and front pads with pix, this stuff will go on the S2 RS4S can't speak for any other models etc No doubt the pix are going to be massive but that's how i roll. RDB Slotted front rotors for 1999 S2 RS4S,they only cost $200 for the pair. Part number for DBA slotted front rotors: Front brake pads for 1999 S2 RS4S,these were onlt $70-80 for the front pair. Front brake pad part number: Front brake pad and part number: Hope it helps. Wish i had this info when i needed it,drove me f**ken nuts trying to figure it all out etc =)
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