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  1. Ok guy I'm after a wiring dargram for an r33 gtr all the interior wiring I need it to have what wire colours are what ect
  2. Really need to do something going out of my mind

  3. Time to blow some steam off drag races tonight I think so

  4. Look I want to buy a r33 gtr in NSW looking at 20k for something close to stock
  5. Car ran a 13.9 down the 1/4 mile but said to say I want drive Joe Cannella was, thank dude hope u had fun can wait to run your car down the 1/4

  6. Pub tonight after tafe

  7. i have my r31 and want to paint it calsonic blue and info on the code would be great
  8. hey all i have got give a list of all the nsw engineering signatories so if u need one just message me your area and i will try and find you on in your area ok
  9. hey guys if any can help that would be great i have a RB25 stock and i have picked up a RB26 crank now dose it fit in the RB25 block and what bearing do i need to use in it i will be using RB26 rods and piston to can wait to here back from you guys thx
  10. how much would i be looking at just for the read end for someone to do it? and would you recommend someone since you dont want to do it would really like someone that has done it before
  11. ok cool thx brad about the rear end what can be done to get the adjustment in it i know about the r33 rear sub-frame is their anything that can be done with the sub frame and arm that are in it ??
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