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  1. I have seen grants cars floating around looks legit, who was it with before?
  2. I did drop a long list of names of disappointed by BD while placing my order
  3. comparing R32 GTR to R32 GTR 775whp / 146mph is about right.
  4. I am trying to get as much as possible out of the 6466, as it is a great multi use turbo. I predominately prefer circuit/sprints (leave it at about 1.2 bar), however enter Racewars (1000m events) and the drags on occasion so the 2 bar kill all tune is handy for those.
  5. 9.6 @ 146mph @ 577kw / 775whp on that dyno, have not been back with the new setup
  6. Ordered the Alcon BBK from Brakes Direct 3 weeks ago Commited to 6-8 week lead time, I am judging them fiercely.
  7. I wouldn't say that is complete freedom merica dyno I did 620kw/830whp on 32psi with a 1.15 6466 on a 2.8 similar sort of mods. mine wouldn't take anymore boost to make a significant amount more power. I think the nismo intake needs the ditch and update the hks cooler to a new plasmaman unit. Best indicator is the trap speed, update it when you make a pass!
  8. Hi, Moving to brisbane very shortly and I was looking around for club level motorsport options. Main interest are rally sprint, time attack nights / timed practice nights and drag racing? I have had a poke around on facebook and the internet and looks like a few options but trying to obtain a bit of a list to tick off. Also looking for a workshop to look after my car, usual 9sec GTR kinda package which does primarily circuitwork. Cheers!
  9. empire performance do a well priced kit online and 2 of the directors have R35s
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