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  1. the americans will lap it all up for the jdm fanboi points
  2. Did i miss something, how did it go on the dyno?
  3. 6766 I have only seen deliver fail results. 6870 is the next logical step
  4. 2.8 and a 6466 seems to be a good combo My engine is apart at the moment getting rings and bearings, Head has been CNC and shimless by RAMS and a new plasmaman intake manifold and intercooler for good measure. Keen to see how much more mph we can get out of the 6466
  5. Interesting as it is an outlier result for most Gen 2 3582s. What supporting mods does it have?
  6. 30psi on the nose it was not taking any more and making any more power, hoping the head unlocks a bit more and its capacity to take 35psi or so
  7. it was .84 with the 146mph Have since gone 1.15 but did not get any massive changes, have since gone to 4" dump and CNC head to assist unlocking a few more ponies. goal is 150mph on a 6466
  8. Did 146mph on the 580kw blue line dyno graph have not been back since the tweaking of exhaust setup, also going a CNC Shimless head at the moment and redoing the pipework etc. Keen too see how far we can push the 6466
  9. re exhaust, bigger is always better See below graph of cutting the restriction out of my HKS Hi Power Silent
  10. No idea to be honest, i t was done by my previous workshop who i am no longer on talking terms with. I was working overseas at the time and some things just appeared on the car. We actually thought it would be a restriction, however it has worked out pretty well, minimal gain when taking it off when doing runs on the dyno.
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