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  1. To be honest they are a fantastic kit, brakes direct are just f**king useless on reachhing delivery times. But call them up Ask lead time be very direct about their well known issues and ask for a clear honest answer of when they will arrive. mine arrived a week or so late, during covid, but it had the wrong brake pads and it took forever to fix. end of the day i am still happy with the kit, its just abundantly clear brakes direct are useless.
  2. It looks better and a viable option considering FullRace are not supporting the old models (pre 2017) anymore.
  3. anyone given MapDCCD a go? ETA pro decides it doesnt want to talk to my computer anymore
  4. How have people proceeded with providing TPS input from a DBW into the ETS pro?
  5. nice work mate, similar setup to mine, any plans to take it down the 1/4 and clock a mph?
  6. I didn't have any fitment issues, just late delivery. Interesting if they now have fitment issues, possibly new supplier to fix late delivery issues?
  7. If you wanna go 6466 i am looking to go 6870 very soon haha but i think 6870 on 3l will be a winner
  8. 6870 on a 3L will be just fine i feel for a good responsive setup
  9. I mean sure if you want to have to do your sequential twice go PPG.
  10. Considering resale of Getrag you may as well trade up to a Holinger or Albins
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