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  1. We had no noticeable difference between .84 and 1.15 however thats because it was choked up on back pressure. Now we have free flowed everything we should be able to do the same test again
  2. first of all, how much did Simon pay you to say that 😁 The debate on that is largely irrelevant as both of us run around 550/600whp on the track, as opposed to 800+ when doing other events.
  3. The logic is that with my new head and inlet setup i should retain the same response and make more overall power on the 6870 It is also suggested I may hit the back pressure wall on the 6466 All in all I am in a holding pattern until seeing what the 6466 does on the new setup and just seeking results on a 2.8 6870
  4. I am at this same cross road, keen to see results of 2.8 6870
  5. yeah a little while ago, was waiting for bottom end machining for ages from a local mob in wa. but its all going together as of thiis morning
  6. the old zoom and hpi mags, although accurate in the day are so far out of date it isnt funny. ECUs are now miles better pump E85 turbo tech
  7. Most recent update on the 30/5/20 post it is currently having a new engine built, with a CNC (Rams Head) http://antilag.com/forums/showthread.php?58554-DITB-GTR-Build/page17
  8. 620kw/146mph on standard head Machined for 272 cams, but didnt touch the ports etc
  9. It was putting on less, more like 2/3hp per psi so was pointless. since we have added a 4" TBE, 1.15 rear housing and the new head hoping to get a bit more out of it by dropping the back pressure. Machining delays have put a hault to the new build, but hopefully have the results in may or so i guess.
  10. Sounds like something someone with only 500hp would say
  11. Have been following this on facebook, keen to see the next chapter
  12. the americans will lap it all up for the jdm fanboi points
  13. Did i miss something, how did it go on the dyno?
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