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  1. what do you mean? What are you trapping on the 1/4?
  2. car has gone 9.6 @ 146mph In terms of goals it is pretty much done, however it looks like we are leaving some power on the table. car gets used for everything from circuit / drags / runway racing and streeted so is an allrounder. I don't mind loosing a small amount of bottom end for top end gain, however just trying to quantify the impact. Sending the turbo off for rebuild shortly, will more than likely just do it.
  3. R35 needs a mention, however isn't really the same vibe. it can do anything a R32-R34 can do but with leather seats and aircon
  4. I have always said with an unlimited budget: R32 GTR - Dedicated circuit racing car R33 GTR - Dedicated Drag Car R34 GTR - ~550whp Street Car That has always just been my vibe on how I view the cars.
  5. sure is alotta meth and trailer park porn in this thread.
  6. would love to see some graphs if available
  7. Winding more boost in just resulted in it dropping off in the top end, leading to believe back pressure is the issue from the rear housing. Cams are HKS 272's minor touch up work in the head to accommodate the new cams. Really keen to follow the rear housing comparison as the turbo needs to be rebuilt in anycase, so is cheap top end power but I want to see at what cost of the bottom end in rpm terms.
  8. Has anyone done a back to back dyno comparison on changing the rear housing over, i have had a good trawl of the forums and can't find anything within the last 10 years. Currently have a .84 on RB28 doing 800whpish at 30psi however it has hit a bit of a wall, looking at going to 1.0 or 1.15 to make slightly more top end. Current graph below don't mind loosing a small amount of that midrange 😁
  9. R35 coils no problem for 800whp, not entirely sure why you would go to aventador coils when the likes of maatouks are doing 7s on 35 coils.
  10. https://www.hpacademy.com/free-live-lesson free tuning lesson
  11. Welcome Scara, High performance academy run some fantastic youtube videos for free and you can sign up on there website for more detailed information on tuning engines with different ecu's. from memory it might be $30 for a detailed video on how to set up ecu's, so it isn't too bad considering. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qd_eoF8pBW0 I find the link / vipec software easy to navigate on laptop, and with the help key it assists you in really understanding what you are altering. There are alot of forums out there with people asking advise and how to set things up correctly happy hunting
  12. I usually fly back for it, this year decided not to as the runway game has got a little ho hum. Will be watching closely to see if they match cars closer together this year. The sprint looks amazing an definitely worth while sticking about for on the Monday!
  13. nice work mate, keen to see how it ends up want for a 33R is high these days
  14. Simon "Pro Mod On Stockbottom End" Richards maybe bluffing
  15. yup still holinger, as an update set up the closed loop shift cut with help from Simon R and it is now proper quick, also had the tune touched up by WA Racing developments, ended up trapping 146mph at the plex and spun up 800 on the WARDs dyno. Had a 4wd issue again (this has been ongoing for the entire time I have owned the car) so trying a new workshop. I don't live in Australia thats why updates are few and far between. Didn't take many shots of the engine just tidied it up, went all black on the covers. Will look at either a titanium or blacked out catch can in future.
  16. Cool man was only curious as I no longer have a shop of choice! So just seeing who is who in the zoo these days. C-Red are very popular at the moment and appear to be delivering some great builds. A good mate of mine is mates with Ben in the workshop he seems like a knowledgeable top bloke!
  17. Wow just spotted this, Have not seen it in Perth. What shop did you end up going with?
  18. GTR Badge on a Non GTR makes me cry But keen for mates rates discount on a set of AP Racing rears for R32 GTR.... I am in Bristol
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