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    R35 coils no problem for 800whp, not entirely sure why you would go to aventador coils when the likes of maatouks are doing 7s on 35 coils.
  2. hattori hanzo

    https://www.hpacademy.com/free-live-lesson free tuning lesson
  3. hattori hanzo

    Welcome Scara, High performance academy run some fantastic youtube videos for free and you can sign up on there website for more detailed information on tuning engines with different ecu's. from memory it might be $30 for a detailed video on how to set up ecu's, so it isn't too bad considering. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qd_eoF8pBW0 I find the link / vipec software easy to navigate on laptop, and with the help key it assists you in really understanding what you are altering. There are alot of forums out there with people asking advise and how to set things up correctly happy hunting
  4. hattori hanzo

    I usually fly back for it, this year decided not to as the runway game has got a little ho hum. Will be watching closely to see if they match cars closer together this year. The sprint looks amazing an definitely worth while sticking about for on the Monday!
  5. hattori hanzo

    nice work mate, keen to see how it ends up want for a 33R is high these days
  6. hattori hanzo

    Simon "Pro Mod On Stockbottom End" Richards maybe bluffing
  7. hattori hanzo

    yup still holinger, as an update set up the closed loop shift cut with help from Simon R and it is now proper quick, also had the tune touched up by WA Racing developments, ended up trapping 146mph at the plex and spun up 800 on the WARDs dyno. Had a 4wd issue again (this has been ongoing for the entire time I have owned the car) so trying a new workshop. I don't live in Australia thats why updates are few and far between. Didn't take many shots of the engine just tidied it up, went all black on the covers. Will look at either a titanium or blacked out catch can in future.
  8. hattori hanzo

    Panel & paint all done !
  9. hattori hanzo

    Cool man was only curious as I no longer have a shop of choice! So just seeing who is who in the zoo these days. C-Red are very popular at the moment and appear to be delivering some great builds. A good mate of mine is mates with Ben in the workshop he seems like a knowledgeable top bloke!
  10. hattori hanzo

    Wow just spotted this, Have not seen it in Perth. What shop did you end up going with?
  11. hattori hanzo

    put it on the dyno or run a pass at the strip!
  12. GTR Badge on a Non GTR makes me cry But keen for mates rates discount on a set of AP Racing rears for R32 GTR.... I am in Bristol
  13. hattori hanzo

    roll my caged, side exit R32 GTR around perth every now and then, never pulled over, been followed a few times by the cops never pulled over.
  14. hattori hanzo

    Well seems I don't pay too much attention to SAU as of late. Racewars 18 was run with a big improvement over last year thanks to a retune from WA Racing Developments. and the HKS was removed in favour of some fresh panel and paint, with new rims to follow. Thanks to Panelhaus in Canningvale for the so far top job, should be off to Madinc in the near future to protect the paint and I might get to drive it this year.
  15. hattori hanzo

    Call Josh @ galvsport and see if he is interested in doing the same kit for you?
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  17. hattori hanzo

    Jump on the WA GTR Facebook page or GTR WA is everthing from R32 - R35s arranging meets in perth with a good crowd.
  18. driving on international licence may prevent you from having to have the restriction to car capacity / forced induction? can anyone confirm this?
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  20. hattori hanzo

    G’day Had a good look through, however surprisingly hasn’t been covered. Looking at getting a bit more squat out of the rear end of my R32, currently has quantum racing coil overs which are more suitable to circuit work. With the discontinuation of the HKS Hipermax drag coil overs what are people running these days for trips down the strip? car is by no means an all out drag car, i use it for as many different events as possible, however wouldn't mind having a set of rear coil overs to bolt in when looking to do some drag passes Cheers,
  21. This is amazing. Is it going to stay a semi convertible thing or going to have a hard top like the green one with the turret?
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    See below 10.27 @ 139mph on AD08Rs Have gone 10.15 @ 142mph on drag radials, however couldn't get the launch right on the day and need to try again when I am back in Aus (end of the year) to get that 9. 750whpish 6466 on a HKS 2.8, holinger sequential.
  23. hattori hanzo

    Anyone used any panel and paint shops for a complete glass out panel off respray they have had a good experience with?
  24. hattori hanzo

    ended up going 10.2 @ 139mph on old street tyres with tein super streets set on the softest damper setting good hook up and squat, seems to be a good result all things considered. going back on drag radials shortly and will update again