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  1. Strut towers, shroud around brake reservoir, shroud around battery and the fire wall all clearly white. This stagea definitely started life as white car not black!!!
  2. nismos are SOLD pending payment, thanks troy.
  3. g'day guys, still have these willing to take offers need them gone. troy
  4. hey guys, no photos as i never fitted them,but they will drop an rx stag 20mm and an arx is 40mm higher than an rx. troy
  5. g'day guys, well after 8 months of ownership the stags has got to go.i brought the nismo's (springs and shocks) off iain and never got around to fitting them. i paid $600 + postage,so i'm looking for the same. $600 +postage. thanks troy
  6. Yeah mate hong kong had them in for 6 months now no probs I also changed my Parkersburg to LEDs to match looks much better
  7. Hey mate I got quoted $328 a bulb from Nissan so I brought ones of fleebay cost me $36.80 delivered for 6000k 35w d2r the standard ones are 4500k
  8. As the title states I'm after a oem v35 coupe midpipe thanks Troy
  9. G'day guys,as the title states I'm after a v35 coupe midpipe thanks Troy
  10. not to sure craig on the receipt it says rvo rebuilt valve body,new filter,new pan gasket,5ltrs trans oil all i know it shifts very smooth light throttle and very fast and smooth lead foot.
  11. g'day guys, had the stag in at ferntree gully nissan the other day for a service found 2 fault codes [p0744,p0754] both gearbox related so i took the car to rvo automatics.well i just got the car back today after having a rvo shift kit fitted,let me just say WOW the car feels awsome anybody thinking of this just do it. troy
  12. g'day everyone, got my shells and keys in the mail today had one cut put my pcb in and it works perfectly.highly recommend them. thanks troy
  13. g'day all, got home today to find my nismos waiting for me.they look fantastic cant wait to put them in,thanks again iain and graig for all your help. cheers troy
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