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  1. GTR King

    Car photos

    Nice job, good to see great workmanship Yeah give the rocker cover a going over, maybe anodise it :] Flow is everything just make sure its got good AF ratios :}
  2. GTR King

    Track day?

    Yeah it is fun at mallala , Munro and i went out there 1 time, He had his old holden ute at that stage with the 308-350 stroker. I remember his wheels getting so hot all his Centerline caps fell off. I ven took my GTR for a spin in its Drag configuration and managed to get 190kph down the back straight 4.56 diff gears at over 7000rpm was so much fun. Mind u i stuffed my engine and scorched all my bearings but was so worth it :] That little thing of mine hoots around there even with wrong suspension. Full drifts coming out corners etc. Only cost 50 bucks for the day back then. Recomend it to anyone. Great skill driver training as well :] Just dont do yoo many laps in 1 hit as its realy bad on car wear and generaly got very hot eng, gearbox temps quickly.
  3. Yeah NS, Happy Birthday Andy. :]
  4. If u like RC cars check this out :] http://videos.radiocontrolzone.com/thunder2cwh.zip Then Browse thru these vids. http://www.rccaraction.com/rz/cars/video.asp
  5. Ring here up, here name is Bronwyn. Im sure she can point u in the right direction. Ask for here she knows the ins and outs im not saying she knows all about ADR`s but she can point u to the right ppl.
  6. My sister works at regency. maybe u can contact her for some advice, more so about the place down south if there is one. sounds like the go. VIN only check would be better.
  7. yeah RB30 would be the go but i wanna keep it sorta origional looking. Turbo make huge underbonnet heat and i dont wanna have to vent my bonnet or wreck my paint. My old man is building a 600hp+ rb30 for his co drivers new EH drag car hes building. See how that goes first then ill decide. Supercharged Methanol sucking rb30. Should be running Mechanical fuel injection. None of this expensive computerised stuff, who needs it :[ Cant wait to see how it goes. Tho it aint very aerodynamic. It will be a full chasis car tho.
  8. Yeah even my car has vented crank case and a catch can:] Tho old school cars did have PCV valves in the Rocker Cover back tho the Inlet Manifold. Didnt think Intakes on Skylines would have recirculation as i chums up the throttle bodys and Map sensors etc. Tho i forgot about oil seals on turbo main shafts, tho if they r leaking u deffinatly got a prob :[ Man i got stop saying that word Turbo, just makes me wanna buy one.
  9. Fuel in Oil is from Blo by past the piston rings, Joel can u tell me where oil can get into the intake manifold. Got me stuffed what u r on about.
  10. Pfft thats the silliest thing ive heard, where the **** does the air fuel come from. Its only air :[ FFs some pplz that make the rules got no idea. Pressureized air intake does not contain fuel or oil and how can fuel get back that far theu the manifold to the BOV when pressurized. ROFL. Normaly aspirated cars do that if they have a BIG cam with lotsa overlap but not turbo. They call it "reversion" u can even see it on my car without the air filters off but ide rather keep them on. ADRs r BS for cases like that. Most times the aftermarket items r much better quality and r safter than most stock chepo items. just think of it like i do, the GOV has their hand out for any $$$$ they can get to pay off forign debt. One reson i dont own a Skyline Sif put up with all that BS from them so i can pay them more money.
  11. Ill tell u the best thing to do. File a complaint about the cop, make sure u get his badge number. Believe me for the 5 mins work for typing out a complaint against the amount of paper work they have to do after a complaint is filed is enormous. Do that to a few of em and im sure next time they will think about hassling ppl cause of the amount of paper work hassles they have to go thru. Just dont make it noticable that u took his badge number. The door swings both ways u know.
  12. Happy Birthday John, soz m8 i been away for a while and havnt been up to date with issues.
  13. Well there is away around all that, get a pre 1976 car like i did, u can mod it all u want and they cant touch u for shit. 3 ADRs on the compliance plate and thats it :] New cars r very hard to modify legaly cause of the ADRs therefore u r stuck paddling upstream with a broken paddle. I reason why i dont own a Skyline although i would like to , spending all that money only to get defected all the time doesnt appeal to me. I had my car 15 years and never been defected. If u build it legal and to comply with ADRs u wont have a prob unless u smart mouth the cops. Go the old Holden Muscle cars. OOps this is a skyline forum. :]
  14. MattR said "Hey my drivings not that bad?? " do i have to remind u of a certian incident :] takes more than that to scare me tho
  15. who wants 300 rwkw go for 500 :]
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