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  1. Yeah, if I had a dollar every time I missed something and felt silly... Better to feel a bit silly here than in front of the dealer.. Unfortunately I doubt the throttle issue will be as simple.
  2. yeah, the driver side and passenger switches don't do anything if you have the passenger window lockout enabled, only the driver window will work. that said, I haven't tried using the remote with the lockout enabled. the button at the bottom - EDIT - wait.. the drivers window doesn't work either? in that case, yeah, something is faulty..
  3. Probably pissed that Infiniti limited their sales/support to a few select dealers in capital cities, now they want all dealers everywhere to support cars they never sold or have had any experience on. That said, they have the 400Z on the way, so they should be keen to get familiar with the mechanics of an Q60 RS.
  4. maybe silly question, but it isn't the window switch on the driver side? my Q50 has a switch to disable all windows except the driver window. guessing on the Q60, that would only be the passenger window.
  5. My local Nissan dealer cried and ran to mummy when I asked them if they can help with Infiniti parts/services. I called infiniti about map updates and they said 'any nissan dealer can help', but my local dealer just said 'nope, we can't help with infiniti parts as we can't order them'. I asked them if they can do a wheel alignment on a Q50 with DAS, and they freaked.. I am thinking of ordering my own Consult 3 plus clone to this sort of stuff myself. That said, I haven't had any real problems, the intouch system took ages to boot up once, but after the next restart it was fine. you might need to do the window relearn on the passenger window. does the auto up/down work from the drivers door switch?
  6. The factory gauge is set to show around about half way for a range of 'normal' temperatures, so it isn't likely to move between say 70deg and 110deg C, but 120 is getting rather hot, I would expect to see the gauge start to rise above the normal range. might be worth checking your new electronic gauge. maybe drop it in a pot of boiling water and confirm it reads around 100degC. If your car really is reaching 120degC, then you have an issue that needs to be investigated.
  7. Have looked at these sorts of conversions on the Q50 and on a few others, I still hold concerns about how well it really integrates. Having to hold down a button to switch to AA/AC is annoying enough, but will bluetooth audio, google maps/waze, etc, work seamlessly or will it need other 'workarounds'. But, hey, if you willing to give it a try, let me now how it goes!
  8. interesting, I know he has stopped importing most R series (non GT-R) skylines due to the lack of quality examples, I am kind of surprised there are any issues with the 370GTs.
  9. I would start by trying to track down the source of the raw fuel smell, is it under the bonnet, around the fuel tank or somewhere in between?
  10. It is a V36 sedan, which started mid 2006, the V36 coupe didn't come out until 2007. So anything that suits the V36 (2007+ G35) should be ok. just keep in mind the G35 is LHD, the V36 is RHD, all of the items you listed above should be fine, but if you start looking at headlights or headers, you can run into trouble.
  11. I bought this one for my 05 6MT about a year ago, but it doesn't really line up with either of the above sizes. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Radiator-Nissan-Skyline-V35-V6-Import-01-07-AT-MT-Rectangle-Fan-Mounts-Koyo-New/201083361747?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 you need to confirm the shape of the fan mounts, some are round, some are rectangle, you need to ensure you get the right radiator or you won't be able to mount up the fans.
  12. seems unlikely since it states it is made for a US 03-07 G35, which is a V35 chassis. When you say 'G37', I suspect you mean a V36 370GT? So I doubt it would fit.
  13. GL5 80W-90 oil for the diff. GL4 75W-85 for the transmission. I have used castrol oils before and have switched to readline oils for both, didn't notice any difference. Although I found the redline MT85, which is supposed to be made for this transmission was notchy and caused some grinding on fast gear changes into 6th. I changed that out for MT90 and that all went away. Factory LSD is a viscous unit, so doesn't need LSD specific oil.
  14. funny thing with badges, Americans find it 'cool' to put Nissan/Skyline badges on their Infinitis, here people like to put Infiniti badges on their V35/V36 Skylines. I don't think there was such a thing as a genuine RHD 2008 G37 anywhere.. could be wrong though..
  15. ^^ looks like they run the same brake setup as the series 2/3 V35, 05+ 350z Track and the later model Murano.
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