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  1. If it is the same as the V35, you can only buy an aftermarket bush for the rear mount, I tried to find rubber bushes, but had no luck, so Poly bushes might be your only option for the V36 too. I am not a fan of Poly for a daily either, it falls apart too quick and causes all kinds of squeaks and creaks when it gets a bit dirty
  2. seems unlikely, would need bit $$ spent, the higher powered VQ35 fitted to the V36 skyline were dual intake and were externally very different looking to the standard DE engine, it would require a complete ECU and wiring replacement as well as trying to get it talking to the factory auto TCU. They were also a VQ35HR, not DE. There also was no 'infiniti Skyline GT500' There was a Skyline GT-R GT500 race model but it had a RB engine, not a VQ. Even the V36 skyline with this engine won't do 4.9 sec 0-100 with it's 5sp auto, so I can't see a J31 managing this with it's 4sp slush box. As above.. pictures please!
  3. Do you mean NATS? I think it is fairly heavily integrated, not sure if upRev will do it, or you need to go with a full aftermarket ECU. NDS certainly cannot.
  4. According to epc data, the part numbers are the same, so they should be identical. Even lists the same part number for the VQ37VHR
  5. have a read through this - was a CVT, but most things will be similar, somethings will be more difficult as some of the transmission mounts for the CVT were the same as the 6MT, but not the same as the conventional auto.
  6. G35 might have a different ECU as they were OBD2 compatible, the V35 ECU isn't. That said, I have never heard of anyone having issues with a V35 350GT with uprev, maybe there is something a bit unique about yours. Sorry, I can't help much further.
  7. I thought relocating the park brake was one of the difficult tasks, with some people cutting and welding part of the tunnel from a manual to get all the hand operated park brake to function properly?
  8. Technically yes, but don't assume you can use the entire 80L tank capacity, once you drop below about 5L remaining you are going to start sucking air in corners/inclines.
  9. are you basing your figures on how much fuel you are actually putting in the car? or what the fuel gauge says? Fuel gauges are usually not accurate enough to use for judging economy when they are working well. Fill the car, reset the trip meter, drive for a few hundred KM then fill the tank again, you can then work out your economy based on the distance you travelled and the amount of fuel used. My 6MT is usually in the mid 10L/100km with 100% light urban driving and mid 7s on the highway. If you are really only getting 200km from 32L of fuel, this is quite bad, coming in at 16L/100km unless you are almost always in heavy peak hour traffic.
  10. I didn't think that was a problem on the 350GT? only on the early 370GT?
  11. Fair enough, but I suggest you do your research first so you know what you are in for
  12. Maybe, you probably need to leave the auto TCU in place so the ECU doesn't through a huge hissy. However, the ECU wiring will be the least of your hassles, search for threads from others that have done it, it is a huge job.. just sell your auto and buy a manual V35!
  13. Fairly sure the CVT V35 sedan also had paddles
  14. ^^ agree with this, regardless of the solution, ensure the brakes are properly bedded in to prevent the issue re-occurring. The tyre guy is correct, an unbalanced wheel will cause a vibration all the time, not just when braking.
  15. ^^ wondering this too, unless someone has retrofitted them. Wondering if the OP means tail lights?
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