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  1. all V36 350GTs have a VQ35HR engine, swapping it to a VQ35DE may be possible, but would big $$$.. lots of custom work required and not worth the hassle. Are you sure it isn't must moisture, it isn't unusual for 'fog' to come out your exhaust on a cool moist mornings, it usually dissipates fairly quickly, unlike actual smoke which hangs in the air. Otherwise, white smoke that continues can be an issue with a blown head gasket or other issues allowing coolant to get into the cylinders.
  2. Not that it matters that much, but a GT350 is a mustang.. you have a 350GT.
  3. https://nissan.epc-data.com/cima/fhy33/2224-vq30det/engine/226/22690/
  4. must be sedan, no such thing as a V36 350GT coupe.. all coupes were 370GT. V35 coupe springs were lower than the sedan, and 350z springs were lower again, but spring rates were the same, not sure if that principle translates to the V36/370Z though..
  5. just be aware some models have round pins on the bottom to mount in round holes in the radiator and some are rectangular. Not sure how easy it would be to make a rectangular pin fit in a round hole or vice versa if you get the wrong one.
  6. 11mm I believe. I bought a couple of packs of these, which fit. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32887956939.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.27424c4d14OU8D
  7. My suggestion.. find a new mechanic, if the limit of there ability is to plug in a diag computer then tell you to post on a forum, then you really shouldn't be paying them. Otherwise, start with the suggestions on the g35driver page, and remember, just fixing the fault doesn't mean your CEL will go off, it may need to be cleared or may at least need a few stop/start cycles.
  8. nah, the last video, you can hear the slight wheel chirp (which a stock J31 will easily do if mashing the throttle), just as the video time cracks 9sec, the needle passes 100 as the video cracks 16sec. Hardly an accurate measurement, but that is all the OP has given us to go off at this stage. Then onto about 150 at the 21sec mark just before they back off. The first video you can see the rpm rise just before the speedo does at 11sec, then cracks 100 at about 18 sec. 0-100 is 7sec is probably fairly good for a 15+ year old Maxima, but not out of the bracket of normal.
  9. Video looks exactly like a stock J31 4sp, unless the video was is slow motion, 0-100 in around 7sec is typical for a stock J31 (no idea where you are getting the 8.5sec figure from, maybe the Asian J31 VQ23DE powered version?), engine sound is also typical. I have a stock J31, so I know what they sound like and how they accelerate. No more stories, As said, post pics of the engine bay and drag strip results or it is all still just a story.
  10. I would agree that it will have zip impact on V imports. I was entertained by several V35/36 owners that though their values would shoot up when Infiniti landed here, but no such thing happened. Now as they leave, the same will happen. As above, I hope it means more import options.
  11. ^^ this, Brembos will be easiest, no doubt the newer Akebonos could be made to fit, but likely be more $$$ Otherwise, if you want to go even cheaper, if you have a Series1, you could fit the standard series 2/3 brakes (larger rotors, twin piston front), they should be available fairly cheap.
  12. If it is the same as the V35, you can only buy an aftermarket bush for the rear mount, I tried to find rubber bushes, but had no luck, so Poly bushes might be your only option for the V36 too. I am not a fan of Poly for a daily either, it falls apart too quick and causes all kinds of squeaks and creaks when it gets a bit dirty
  13. seems unlikely, would need bit $$ spent, the higher powered VQ35 fitted to the V36 skyline were dual intake and were externally very different looking to the standard DE engine, it would require a complete ECU and wiring replacement as well as trying to get it talking to the factory auto TCU. They were also a VQ35HR, not DE. There also was no 'infiniti Skyline GT500' There was a Skyline GT-R GT500 race model but it had a RB engine, not a VQ. Even the V36 skyline with this engine won't do 4.9 sec 0-100 with it's 5sp auto, so I can't see a J31 managing this with it's 4sp slush box. As above.. pictures please!
  14. Do you mean NATS? I think it is fairly heavily integrated, not sure if upRev will do it, or you need to go with a full aftermarket ECU. NDS certainly cannot.
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