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  1. VK56 swaps have been done, but I believe they are extremely tight in that engine bay. https://g35driver.com/forums/engine-drivetrain-forced-induction/455271-04-coupe-vk56-engine-swap-build-8.html People tend to go the LS1 route though, easier, stronger, more upgrade options, availability of parts.
  2. I don't have a V36, but by the look of the pictures, it might not be possible to press another ball joint in. similar to the compression rod on the V35, the ball joint is built into the arm.
  3. well the compliance sticker says 01/2008.
  4. So 100% the same except for the bits that are different? I suspect the part numbers are different because of the difference?
  5. coupe vs sedan Fuel tank is different. Coupe vs sedan Front cross member is different (not sure how but part numbers are different) Transmission mount is different between auto 5AT and 6MT. (6MT same as CVT) No idea how to make the ECU happy..
  6. Was looking at one a while back, looks nice, but it is too 'Mercedes' and not enough Nissan, right down to the DSG.
  7. ^^ this.. go with a wrecker, or try the VQ Australia facebook group, I think there is a guy parting out an 03 that is smashed on the right side.
  8. ^^ this, it is the factory setup on the V36. If you are concerned about intake airflow on a VQ35DE, there are several other options which would be easier than trying to retrofit twin intakes from a VQ35HR.
  9. Guess you mean Dual, unless swords are involved?? Never heard of anyone doing it, I suspect the benefits would be quite minimal but the effort significant, would require dual MAFs which the stock ECU isn't setup for, so would need an aftermarket ECU. I suspect trying to get a stock VQ35HR ECU working would be even harder.
  10. Knock sensor wiring certainly needs to be sorted. The flexible plastic sheath has probably just broken down due to the heat in that area. Oil you are seeing is normal, remember the PCV sucks oil vapor from the crank case into the intake manifold, so some does settle and build up after a while, nothing to worry about there. If you are really worried, once you have cleaned it all up, install a catch can.
  11. Do you want the vehicle wiring diagram, or a wiring diagram for the cluster? I have never seen one for the cluster, but there are G35 FSMs here - https://www.nicoclub.com/infiniti-service-manuals or https://cardiagn.com/2003-infiniti-g35-coupe-model-v35-series-factory-service-manual-sm3e-1v35u8/ They were in the top 4 results by googling 'G35 Factory Service Manual'.
  12. ^^ probably this, I would just google it as I haven't done it on this car before, it just needs to be a value the ECU will see as a healthy knock sensor, if you just unplug it, the ECU will notice that and permanently retard the timing. Unplug the sensor and fit the resistor between the 2 pins on the ECU side of the wiring. NOTE - if your car really is knocking, this removes the ability of the ECU to compensate and may cause engine damage..!!
  13. you can bypass the knock sensor with a resistor as a test. But you would want to make sure the engine and electronics are otherwise healthy. Engine shouldn't knock if all is working well. Knock sensor is only there as a last resort protection and isn't used if all is otherwise ok. As for the other cam timing codes, I'm not sure, but maybe check ground points on the engine and in the engine bay.
  14. all V36 350GTs have a VQ35HR engine, swapping it to a VQ35DE may be possible, but would big $$$.. lots of custom work required and not worth the hassle. Are you sure it isn't must moisture, it isn't unusual for 'fog' to come out your exhaust on a cool moist mornings, it usually dissipates fairly quickly, unlike actual smoke which hangs in the air. Otherwise, white smoke that continues can be an issue with a blown head gasket or other issues allowing coolant to get into the cylinders.
  15. Not that it matters that much, but a GT350 is a mustang.. you have a 350GT.
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