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  1. What the guy above said. That's what I'm running in my r34 GTT, awesome clutch, never going back to plain exedy unless it's modified... Had a exedy cushion button clutch behind 220kw and the thing failed after 2000kms.
  2. Still got it man? how much to ship to Rockdale NSW 2216? thanks.
  3. Nah it's not doing it's first half of the job... been flat out hopefully will get time tomorrow to suss it out.
  4. I did delete the damper hence why I just got this problem, will try bleeding it again tomorrow.
  5. Exactly what's doing my head in about it, especially since there's no damper now it's even simpler, bled the master then bled the slave how hard could it be, where is it even possible to mess up lol.
  6. Hey guys I've got a r34 GTT. Clutch has felt weird for a couple years now, my exedy cushion button wore out I got a NPC 5 puck spring button clutch installed a few months ago. Back to the story the pedal always felt a little strange and spongy, changed the master still the same. I just changed the slave with a brand new one from Nissan and also got the braided line from master to slave from gktech (states for r32/r33 gtr) but fits perfectly fitted it all up bled it all over and over again using nulon super dot. Now when pressing the clutch it feels like the first half travel is doing nothing then the second half does the work. When releasing it just releases to the half again then you feel the clutch spring struggle to bring the rest of it up. It drives fine with no slipping and grabs as soon as you start releasing, I adjusted the rod a little so it doesn't grab right at the bottom. What is going on? Has anyone done the damper delete? Faulty slave? Or do I need the damper? Thanks in advance.
  7. What car did you have this on? Doubt it would fit on the standard r34 gtt manifold would it?
  8. MrRx7s3

    Splitfire part number?
  9. Won't cause any harm to your exhaust.... but will cause harm to your pocket if you were to get pulled over.
  10. What you're practically doing is by passing your exhaust and majority of it is coming out of the screamer pipe instead of just waste gate exhaust gasses.
  11. MrRx7s3

    I went 1000 2000 then with the cerium oxide.... try with less water aswell.... also try get the whitest one as it's more pure and works better.
  12. MrRx7s3

    The extremely deep ones yes with sandpaper first.... yeah it takes some time to do though.... but works better than anything else out there.... just be careful not to get the glass too hot you don't want it cracking on you.
  13. MrRx7s3

    Look at this on eBay The whiter the better apparently more pure or something.... also the finer the better the result.
  14. MrRx7s3

    Cerium oxide. Look at this on eBay