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  1. tohmez

    thanks so much now my next question, Is their alot of work to be done to relocate the turbo from standard position to highmount? how much money are we talking?
  2. tohmez

    something like this? if i've got a turbo back exhaust already does that mean my manifold has been changed most likely? sorry for such n00b questions
  3. tohmez

    haha i just don't have alot of knowledge about all this i was looking at a Tog1 bb turbo anyone know if they are a reputable brand i got some specs for you guys to have a look at i'm not quite sure myself how responsive they are but its bb so isn't that good for starters? what if i state whats already been done to my car will that help shed some light on the situations haha i've already got when i bought the car turboback varex exhaust, upgraded intercooler and the rest in split fire coilpacks and larger fuel pump it's currently making 280hp with the stock ecu got nistune to go in soon hopefully, i'm basically just trying to break into the high 300's shouldn't be too hard
  4. tohmez

    i'm basically chasing a price bracket for a highmount turbo. what have you paid and was it worth it. i'm still pretty new to turbo cars i've owned my r34 gtt for approximately a 1yr and looking and upgrading the turbo etc
  5. tohmez

    Do you work with nistunes at all?
  6. tohmez

    Iv done a stint at qr but it was a downshift event for an 1hr does this count or am I not allowed to go?
  7. tohmez

    I'm in
  8. tohmez

    I found Rajab!
  9. tohmez

    I swear every time I spell G O D it auto corrects to Rajab, I don't even know what it is haha
  10. tohmez

    Lol god* It autocorrected after I posted it :s
  11. tohmez

    God damn!
  12. tohmez

    Both black Gtt's looking mint
  13. tohmez

    I just prefer my wheels to fill the guards not sticking out or anything, hellaflush and all that shit is a bit stupid but I can appreciate the work. looks like I'll just have to bite the bullet and pull it out aye I intend on doing it by the book since I payed good money for my car and want it looking neat with a nasty bite
  14. tohmez

    What's wrong with this picture?
  15. tohmez

    Is the r34 gtt stud pattern 5x114.3?