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  1. Update: Put in a brand new OEM temp sensor and it's back to reading what it was (see pic below) To me this seems WAY too low. I am still waiting on my multimeter to arrive. Any 33 owners out there agree this reading looks low?
  2. Cash ready, type-m r33s s2 front lip wanted, will also consider bar with lip. message me with a price and details, cheers.
  3. Sweet thanks for letting me know, hopefully my new OEM sensor does the job
  4. I will for sure, can't believe it's taken me this long to get one....though my stock 33 has been super reliable so this is really my first issue that I couldn't solve easily
  5. Just ordered a new OEM coolant temp sensor and a multimeter, sending back the Tridon brand one...hope this gives me a result. Will look into a aftermarket gauge to cross check just incase, well worth it to prevent engine overheating! Edit: If interested, $32 posted here, about $20 less than Kudos https://goodstate.com.au/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=w192561392204
  6. Yep coolant is fine and looks fairly new. I think the actual temp is okay given i can touch the radiator cap and coolant hoses after driving yet the gauge shows full deflection toward hot.
  7. You gotta understand that not everyone has the same knowledge as you, so be patient....thanks for the help 👍
  8. Understood, that’s why I came here but i need to look at getting the correct tools so I can diagnose.
  9. I don’t have a multimeter, maybe I should have made that clearer earlier.....but thanks
  10. I came here to get some help, not be told to google my issue, i’ve tried that. Any other good people in the forums have some advice that are willing to help a fellow enthusiast
  11. What do you mean? I’m not that clued on with your original post man, how does one measure resistance
  12. I might try giving the OEM sensor a really good clean and see if that changes anything, hopefully it can be revived
  13. Well it rises to half very quickly and then after say 10 minutes of driving will hit the top, stagnates at half for a little while. I’m hoping it’s not because I used an after marker temp sensor (tridon brand)
  14. G'day everyone So for a while now my car has shown the same coolant temp which to me has always been low, so I finally decided to put in a new coolant temp sensor and WHOA it's now reading full hot, but the weird thing is my car, despite reading that high doesn't 'feel' hot. No 'boiling' water no loss of coolant no milky stuff in oil radiator can be touched without burning me no smoke/fumes/burning smell What on earth could be causing this? I might purchase a new radiator and thermostat but before I do, anyone got any advice on troubleshooting the issue? Car is completely stock besides exhaust. Last weekend I changed plugs and did valve cover gaskets as well. The before and after images of the temp with the new and old coolant temp sensor.
  15. G’day SAU Looking for a price on a 2pac repaint of a driver door, quarter panel and roof in the Newcastle area for an R33 (silver) anyone know of any decent shops and secondly what I should expect to pay? Not looking to replace trims etc. Cheers!
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