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  1. Hi errryone. Just wondering if anybody can recommend suppliers who import quality front cut/half cuts. I have googled, i am just abit worried about spending a few grand and nothing turns up because old mate/ the business was dodgy and I didn't realise. Cheers
  2. I will probably be doing open track days at wakefield to start of with. The car is standard weight with about 300kw, with kuhmo semi slicks, greddy coilovers. Cheers for the reply guys
  3. Hi everyone, I am in the process of setting my car up for regular track days. I have most things in order except the brakes. Here is my issue, I am happy to upgrade the rotors and pads on the standard brembo's, But I don't want to if the brakes aren't really up to regular track days. If there not, I would prefer to spend the money on a ATTKD kit from just jap.. So I guess I am after people opinions/advice/feedback on whether the R33 brembo's in general (assuming they are in good condition) are up to track days or should I just spend the money now and set up for the future in a way and buy a ATTKD Kit. Cheers
  4. i bought my 33 gtr from SA and brought it over to NSW.... Changed over a few things so it passed blue slip, got the blue slip. They didnt ask for import and engineers papers. I THINK they may have needed the previous rego papers, I think i just used the rego papers from the sign over! I dont understand why they would need the import and engineer papers! Unless it doesn't have a compliance plate?
  5. Ah, that's not good. Hope everything works out for you!
  6. Well, I didn't no a mint 33 gtr would be 30-40k landed. I wasnt expecting a perfect one for 23k (current budget) but I was hopeing to get a decent one, which looks like that won't happen either. I had thought about getting an evo 7, only real plus being they are newer.
  7. Yeah, I also worry about these cars being purchased by un suspecting buyers. The thing thats is worse is the dealers who are importing these cars and selling them.. I suppose it does pay to do your research.
  8. Hi everyone, After abit of thinking early in the year I decided save up and purchase a R33 GTR. At the beggining of the search I was specifically after a R33 GTR V-Spec in midnight purple, I am now at the point where I am after one that is actually decent. I don't no if I am being to picky or there isn't any good R33 GTR's about, I have spent atleast $1800 on travelling to see cars and having them inspected. To put in politely, i am starting to get the shits wasting my dorras on shitty cars. Here is a list of some of the cars that I have inspected myself/had inspected for me! R33 GTR V-Spec midnight purple: Lots of bad rust, boot, front gurads, underneath, inner guards, strut towers, firewall. Tyres falling apart. R33 GTR V-spec White: Alot of under body damage, Sills and chassis rails. Rims scraping against brake calipers. R33 GTR V-spec white: Alot of surface rust underneath, sill damage, interior pieces missing. R33 GTR V-spec white: Alot of surface rust underneath, sill damage, inner guards surface rust. R32 GTR: Way to clean for age of car. Under body had been sprayed black, Exterior of vehicle had been resprayed. R32 GTR: K's weren't legit, rust holes in floor pan, front bar re-sprayed, Chassis and sill damaged. Pretty average condition R32 GTR: K's weren't legit, pretty straight car, rust in rear and in engine bay. R32 GTR v-spec: K's werent legit, rust in floor pan, sill and chassis rail damage, pretty average paint, interior very average. R33 GTR V-spec White: Nice and tidy car, R/H rear quater had be repaired/replaced. R33 GTR Midnight Purple: Previous repair in rear, Rear quater panels Repaired, Vehicle had been resprayed. R33 GTR V-spec: Nice Car, Previous front end repair. Some cars are dealers cars, and others are private sales Rant over. Any one else having similar issues??? On a side note, I didnt think that repaired cars where allowed to be imported. Correct me if I am wrong.
  9. #@Sovereign337 Are you talking about the silver one? If so, we are on the same page.. It deffiently doesnt have genuine milage. I dont no wether to dismiss the bad rep to possible get a decent car.. I mightsee if I can get the auction papers.
  10. Hey, I had a look at a R32 GTR at Edward Lee's today, Seems pretty good. My only concern is that Edward Lee's haven't got a good rep. So I was seeing if anyone has dealed with them recently? Most of the bad rep seems to be coming from 2006. I have had a look at quite a few R32 gtr's and R33 gtr's and this is the first that doesnt look like it has been flogged underneath.
  11. Ahh I c.. from what old mate told me on thr phone, he was going to find the car for me. If I am happy with what they find, I can put a holding deposite on it and they import it and then I re-inspect it when it arrives and if I'm not happy with it no deal. BUT you have me worried, I would rather have the car inspected before it comes over by people who no what there doing..
  12. Using them to import the car, but I will get stateroads to check it out when it arrives in Australia.
  13. Will do. I have used stateroads a few times and they have saved me from a trip to queensland. Although it does get abit expensive having a few cars.
  14. Hey everyone. Just after some feedback on this dealer, I am looking to import a r33 gtr through these guys. I have already done a sau search and google search but there isnt any recent reviews/feedback? What happens if you import a car and it ends up being a bucket? Any other information would be good. I have heard there are a few people on here who import cars, I am just alittle wary on handing my dorras over to some who could run off with the money, not to say someone with a business can't do that.
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