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  1. sorry about the pictures guys, it was deleted from the server when i didn't renew the subscription.... ill have to dig up my photo archives to see if i have back up. And i have been M.I.A from this forums for a while
  2. its also got series 2 rear lights! and standard r34wheels
  3. you need manual flywheel bolts, i think thats all the parts you listed
  4. heres my link to FB for fotos...cant upload it onto website yet
  5. lol hey matt i think u want to change your description of the cruise from 25 years to 21years.
  6. Was a Great meet! It was my car that busted a tyre and we couldnt get onee bolt out.. thanks Sean for staying back and seeing if we needed help. My brother ended up coming up to The Edge to give me a breaker bar so it was all fine . Will upload my pics shortly too
  7. sorry about the pics guys, it will be up and runnning again shortly after i get my domain renewed...expired 40days ago..to reactivate costs $US135, wait an extra 40days for the domain to go public will only cost $US9 to register again...go figure Hey Blue phantom, You dont need a ECU, Auto ECU will still run and the cluster will still work, the good thing with the auto cluster is that when we engage reverse...the REVERSE symbol on the cluster lights up!
  8. qualifying starts at 12pm (postponed today due to heavy rain) race starts at 5pm
  9. ok kool sounds like a plan, just let me know on the time...hopefully early the better
  10. cant wait!. havent been in a while...anyone from cabra area want to holla at me and we can cruise to the meetup area
  11. wow~! i didnt see this event! im in for sure!!, ill email you shortly terry about payment and that .looking forward to it!
  12. hey, thats the one thing that i forgot to document...the speed signal. i know i didnt change mine so it must of been wired up to the plug..ill double check with that...have to get under the car. reverse circuit closed, so the reverse light goes on? if thats the case, then u hooked it up to the neutral switch.. test the switch out to find which one is the reverse switch by putting the gb in reverse...and then getting a multi meter to test for continuity
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