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  1. Wolf plug in tuner seriers ecu for skyline gt-t. Upgraded internal map sensor to 45psi. Excellent condition, used but still in box. Extra pinouts, software usb and serial to usb adaptor cable that i had to get separately. Maybe 2000kms,6 months old. Selling due to going DBW setup otherwise i'd keep it. $2000 0401571829
  2. ive pulled mine off and put a cometic mls gasket in and arp bolts and now it leaks water into cylinder 2. both attempts to use mls and the same thing water in cylinder 2, both head and deck straight. now putting a genuine gasket back in. moral to the story, get head and deck machined to mirror finish quality !!
  3. are the ac delco D514a ls2 better or the delphi D514a version.??? im running delphi btw
  4. too many cockeads in the manifold industry unfortunately. i should have checked mine
  5. do you loose your a/c with any of these setups. im aware you do with the ross kit
  6. r34 gt-t high flowing dump pipe. to fit stock turbo and position. also been tig welded to remove cat. will fit most jap exhausts. no o2 sensor owes me around $350 only selling due to a upgrade. $100 0401571829 geelong
  7. recently had my xsprut 1000's tested and have a 7% difference in flow. considering the delhi 1400's which also are e85 ready. has anyone had success with them, ?
  8. hi tao. i know you push pwr intercoolers alot however i need a cooler rated between 800 - 900hp the plaszmaman and pwr are similarly priced what do u recommend. im actually upgrading my atr43 to precision. i will be repeat customer because the turbo did withstand a hell of a beating ;p
  9. it will be ok for what i need it too do. pressure over flow :S
  10. i think the taarks and raceworks come from the same place
  11. havent tested it yet as im waiting for my turbo and ecu. but am using power cables from a falcon or territory and earth strap can pickup from wreakers for like $20. i think the alt will hang in there. hahhaha also running elec fans
  12. im running a similar setup to this. Taarks surge tank with twin walbro 460 pumps staged ( DON'T RUN BOTH PUMPS FULLTIME ) 255 walbro in tank. turbosmart 1200 fpr aeroflow big filter to rail twin feed plasmaman rail using only hardline due to the corrosive nature of e85, 2x y blocks. oneway valve on the staged pump. running factory fuel lines
  13. petes manifold is a much better design. anyways i do understand all the modifications and changes etc. but the manifold isnt even in the car yet and its not up to my standards. what is concerning is that a jig should be setup as they probably made over 1000 rb manifolds, why arnt they constantly making improvements and getting customer feedback too. that's what i would be doing if i ran a business. pipe size is 1 1/4 " -- ( should have gone bigger) ill be fitting a 6466 precision --- im still up the air about the rear housing, whether to use 1.00 or .84 split ??? built rb25 neo for street duties .272 cams
  14. ive got a female 4an right angle but that wont work. ill have to run banjo to 4an. btw during that time did get in touch with them and said they had machines down ....
  15. thought id revive this thread and share my experience with crg. i have been following their work on fb and was impressed. so recently took delivery of a twin scroll t4 rb25 and a 50mm gate($80 to weld the gate flange . when ordered it took 1.5 weeks longer than expected, they dont answer phone calls and take a long time to reply to fb msges. once arrived wastegate had vacuum fittings already fitted which is strange. no box no CD. no instructions jus the foam insert.. took photos of the gate and sent to turbosmart to confirm if genuine. as crg wouldn't reply and already sus on them. turbosmart replied and its the real deal. fitting the manifold tonight, 5 of the studs massively fouling on the pipe by atleast 15mm, had to cut down. lucky the engine is out and it would be very painful in. could barely turn the nut with a open end spanner. i understand its custom parts and some mods need to be made. also will have to redo my oil lines. anybody want to swap with a 6boost?. photos to support this. i dont like to do this but somethinng needed to be done.
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