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  1. Just found this items again after many years! PUMP Sorry no H-pattern
  2. I think I Spotted Wink the other night(24th?) at Beecroft. He was harassing behind my Type S...
  3. Spotted R33 GTR [ART-97M] this afternoon in Chatswood, Is that you TommyK? Also did anyone spot my ex-car White R33 Series 2 [YAE-521]around North Sydney area? I heard its sold within a week after I trade in. Miss that car~~ look after it new owner.
  4. I'll never do that to my HONDA. NO way
  5. Spotted Liz boosting pass me on Pacific HY Artarmon around 6:30pm. Caught up next to her and said HI
  6. I wash my car once every week include interior clean up. Wax the car once every 2 weeks.
  7. great day and crazy cars.. lol I won the Under 2L NA class with 156.5 fwhp.
  8. I think it look mad, I've seen one down parramatta rd. near Burwood. Very nice looking, have class + sporty!
  9. Spotted Moanie this morning harassing behind me lol Yes the powergetter installed at 300km, I'll see you on 25th at hitman
  10. Ok I'm in for this one, booking require? or just pay at the door? anyone wanna meet up first and cruise there?
  11. Spotted black R34 [DHC] in the city lastnight. GT wing gone?
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