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  1. any would be great i will be respraying after welding any who! how much?
  2. never drifted before keen to give it a go! do we need to pay a deposit or anything?
  3. hey guys im in need of an rb30 rocker cover asap so i can have some speed flow fittings welded on
  4. whats happening with this?
  5. chasing a 25 head for rb30 conversion, does anyone know of one round
  6. chasing a 25 head for rb30 conversion, does anyone know of one round
  7. if you thimk it might crack run a razor blade round the lip only clear deep this will stop the paint cracking and chipping! the reason that resprayed cars crack easier is they use a fast curring hardener and it sets harder. Factory use a slow or normal hardener and blast bake.
  8. Holford motors have them for $209
  9. im in launie! service tas are emailing me the paper work tommorow cause apparently i have to apply for a permit to do the conversion before i start
  10. is big al still doing them? i was told he doesn't
  11. I Have a RB20det silvertop that im putting into an R31 skyline and need to find some one who does mod plates any help would be great. Thanks
  12. forget bout what anyone tells you build it how you what it and have fun doin so! i keep gettin told i can't do what i want but i will prove them wrong. you should aim to do the same
  13. have you still got the rear end im chasing a rear cut
  14. i will take some but can you do a larger one for the back window?
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