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  1. Thanks a lot dude. This forum seems kinda confusing to use granted I've only been on it for like 45minutes. I appreciate you to took the time to direct me in the right direction thank you!!!
  2. Hey guys! Just moved to Brisbane and I am super excited to be here and have access to relatively affordable R33 GTST's. I would love a GTR but I think bang for my buck right now the GTST is the way to go. Especially since I am a student. Unfortunately, coming from the States were Skylines are super rare I have no real world hands on knowledge of them. Yes they have crazy potential, yes they are very tuneable and all the other crap video gamers spew out. I don't doubt these with enough money most things are achievable. What I am looking to learn is what to look for in a GTST. What mechanical issues they have and cost. I plan to buy a relatively stock R33 GTST. My budget is in the $8000 range. But I'm worried about not knowing what kind of issues these cars have and their costs. I am third generation automotive machinist. Family business in the states is rebuild engines from all manufacturers. So I have a fair amount of automotive knowledge but when it comes to Skylines no hands on useable knowledge. I must clarify although I have knowledge of all parts and function and modifications and in what combination to suit an application I am not a mechanic. I can rebuild a cylinder head but I wouldn't try pulling the head out of the car especially with no tools here and definitely by myself. Our shop mainly did work for other mechanic shops and dealerships, so we never touched customer cars. That being said I am not some dumb inexperience kid. I am 29years old and my first car at 16 was a 1973 Camaro that took us 2 years to restore and my second car was a 1997 Integra GSR(1.8L DOHC Vtec) not sure what you guys call them here. What I am looking for is a club or group of other R33 owners here in Brisbane to meet up with over a few beers and talk Skylines. I need ideas of what to look for and costs. Things like "oil leaks" parts that go bad that can lead to major problems and expensive headaches. Also I want to know the cost of upgrades and new parts. Like for instance what would be the best and funniest first mod and its cost to fun factor. Of course my goal for this car is to run a 500hp reliable daily driver. In fact I would really be happy with 400hp. I am not looking to invade Poland or anything just a fun reliable understated rocket. I am fairly sure 400hp would be plenty to get the balls tingling and give my passengers a little stomach flutter. Just a fun modest R33 is all I am after. I would love to get in touch with a group of you guys and hash out a plan and strategy to follow through on. In fact, if you got a 350hp to 600hp R33 your my guy because your first hand experience and knowledge would be perfect to help you figure out what to do and what not to do. Also, as I am new here I need to find where in Brisbane there are honest, fair priced mechanics that can work on skylines. Also, I would love ya if you could take me for a ride, that would be wicked cool of you. Please email me if you can help or have a buddy thats willing to help. First round of beers is on me!!!
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