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  1. Great link! Thanks for posting bro!
  2. Great pics! Thanks for posting...
  3. Awesome photos bro! Thanks for posting!!!
  4. Thanks for organising such an event, would love to get involed once i buy a GTR
  5. Nice photographs Matboy! Love the blue R34!
  6. I love that Fuji speedway pic! Thats wall paper material! Great photos bro! Thanks for posting...
  7. Awesome pics! Lovee this thread, thanks for posting!
  8. lol thats random as, holden logo on a GTR in japan (@_@)>)
  9. Spotted! Black R35 GTR at logan hyperdome wednesday nite! And for the first time i saw a 2011 GTR, in the showroom of course
  10. R35 GT-R!!! That's whats on my mind!

  11. Looks interesting, I wonder if somebody will do it for real...
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