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  1. jhjones

    they are out on their website!
  2. jhjones

    Still not on their website
  3. jhjones

    Would be keen for a set.
  4. jhjones

    Condenser: 92110-AA401- Receiver-Driers: 92131-5L312-
  5. connect the wastegate actuator hose directly to the intercooler pipe and see what happens
  6. jhjones

    No. My fast only goes to 2000
  7. jhjones

    92131-5L312- 9900-9908 92131-5L360- 9908+
  8. jhjones

  9. jhjones

    Yours is a 9902 so it must be 92110-AA400-
  10. jhjones

    theres two different part numbers for the GTR. Whats you chassis number? 92110-AA400- (9901-9904) 92110-AA401- (9904+)
  11. jhjones

    Different part numbers according to nissan fast
  12. Link G4 has 2.5 bar map sensor Link G4+ has 4 bar map sensor
  13. alrgiht guess its normal. wastegate is 1 year old btw
  14. Boost control is done by the link using a mac valve. If there was a leaky diaphragm wouldn't i hear it leaking out the port on the mac valve when i pressurized the intercooler pipping. Same with a leak in the vacuum/pressure hose except i would hear it leaking from the hose. In the high gears boost shoots up the 15psi then slowly creeps to 18psi. Normal?