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  1. Condenser: 92110-AA401- Receiver-Driers: 92131-5L312-
  2. connect the wastegate actuator hose directly to the intercooler pipe and see what happens
  3. No. My fast only goes to 2000
  4. 92131-5L312- 9900-9908 92131-5L360- 9908+
  5. Yours is a 9902 so it must be 92110-AA400-
  6. theres two different part numbers for the GTR. Whats you chassis number? 92110-AA400- (9901-9904) 92110-AA401- (9904+)
  7. Different part numbers according to nissan fast
  8. alrgiht guess its normal. wastegate is 1 year old btw
  9. Boost control is done by the link using a mac valve. If there was a leaky diaphragm wouldn't i hear it leaking out the port on the mac valve when i pressurized the intercooler pipping. Same with a leak in the vacuum/pressure hose except i would hear it leaking from the hose. In the high gears boost shoots up the 15psi then slowly creeps to 18psi. Normal?
  10. Hey, got this problem, I'm not getting full boost (18psi) in first gear, only getting 15psi. When I switch it to low boost (15psi) I only get around 12psi in first gear. I can hear the screamer pipe from around 9 psi on the high boost setting. The wastegate spring is 1 Bar, Ive pressurized the intercooler piping up to 24psi and there are no leaks. I can't remember if it was like this when I got the car tuned as I don't really drive the car. Mods: RB25DET Neo GTX3071R Link G4 50mm Turbosmart wastegate 6Boost low mount twinscroll Manifold
  11. Seems to be two different part numbers depending on the colour for the rear window. The seal/trim kit is 79750-04U10-
  12. Does the s15 diff have a speed sensor on the pinion? if so you need to put the gtr center an stub axles into the s15 diff
  13. I think ill give motul rbf 600 a go next track day. What i did was bleed the calipers till the new fluid came through. Should I take the lines off the calipers to drain them before i bleed it?
  14. Why does it only happen on the cool down laps? When Im hammering the car the pedal is good.
  15. So the fix would better fluid? Motul RBF660? If that doesn't work do I need bigger brakes?
  16. So I did a track day on Sunday and on the 3rd session on the cool down lap my brake pedal went to the floor. I bleed the front calipers and pedal became good. Went back out and on the cool down lap the pedal went to the floor again. This happened 3 times. Car is R32 GTST, R33 GTS25T brake calipers, Nulon Xtreme Super Dot 4 Brake fluid, Endless MX72 Brake Pads.
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