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  1. Moving house currently and need this stuff gone. Offers are more than welcome Pickup from eastern suburbs or we can work something out. R34 N/A Stock airbox and snorkel. No bolts or screws. $70 3 inch straight pipe exhaust with Drift tip, good for turbos $150 R34 N/A Exhaust manifold $50. I'm negotiable with prices just take them off my hands PLEASE
  2. I've got a 34 GT which im looking to sell. Got a full custom made exhaust system and extractors. Semi-auto.
  3. Got anymore pics of it mate? I'm after a spoiler for my 34.
  4. I'm not too sure mate. You're welcome to come take a look at it if you want.
  5. @sonnyq Yep it's a GT airbox and nah it won't fit the turbo model. In the turbo the airbox is angled vertically opposite to the NA. @dylaan Not sure mate, you're welcome to come take a look at it if you want
  6. Tail lights $80 Stock exhaust $100 Airbox $60 Offers any of the rest. Take this stuff out of my bathroom
  7. Damn. Pick up only. Let me know if you change your mind
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