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  1. 2005 Series 2 PV35 350 GT Sedan for sale Extremely Rare 350GT 6 Speed Manual. 212KW series 2, and in perfect condition Car presents almost as new and has verified Japanese Odometer Certificate showing 9700km's when the car left Japan. I have fitted factory cruise control to the car since I purchased it. This Skyline was imported in 2010, and was driven here for a year, then garaged for five years. It had only done 29000 kilometres when I purchased it. The Kays on this car are genuine, not Japanese kays. And you can tell by looking underneath it, and around the car that it has genuinely done very low kays. Fitted with full Tokiko suspension and 18x8 Alloy wheels the car looks great. Still has standard exhaust etc. A beautiful quiet cruiser with around 8.2 litres per hundred kilometres highway driving, and better than 11 around town. Huge fuel tank sees an average of 800 kays to a tank full of fuel. It does require at least 95 rated fuel though. Beautiful unmarked interior with factory mats. Has aftermarket Mongoose alarm, (I don't know why). If your looking for a 350Z, but think they're not practical, this car is basically a four door 350Z. Heaps of torque, and comfort. Also fitted with not only the 6 Speed from the Zed, but also the R200 Diff, which is limited slip. Makes an incredible touring car, as it is seriously quiet, and cruises beautifully. The car will require new springs for roadworthy, and is close to needing disc pads. (I have already had a RWC Check). I will replace the springs, hand the existing ones over to you, and change the disc pads if the price is right. Otherwise a negotiation for you to get the roadworthy will be fine too. Only damage on the car is a scratch on the rear bumper bar, and scrapes underneath because the car is too low. Recently fitted with four new tyres. This really is a beautiful car, and it deserves a great home. https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Nissan-Skyline-2005/SSE-AD-4689032 $12,900.00 With RWC. Registered until July next year.
  2. V35 350GT Manual sedans are are as rare as Rocking horse poo, AND, they are all listed as "Premium" but my 2004 model has missed out on Brembo's (knew it wouldn't have these), leather, (Not a problem for me) no Bose, (A factory option, even on a premium sedan) and no steering wheel controls. The help I have had in here to determine my cars authenticity has been fantastic - thank you. This car will hopefully be as reliable and painless as my beautiful R34 GTT sedan was for all the years I owned it. I recently lost it in a horrific accident on Peninsula link, and the car quite literally died for me. I hate to think whether or not I would be typing this, If I hadn't of been in that car. My injuries are still extensive but I'm here, so I just had to get another Skyline. Thanks to my agreed value with #shannons, I had enough to buy a very good V35. A couple of pics of the R34 before and after. This was a trophy winning car. Rear ended at 100 KPH and shunted into a wall head on on peninsula link.
  3. I know this is an old post, but do you still have these kits?
  4. I have one on Ebay at the moment - finishing tomorrow night. Under GTS145 ebay name. It's fair cheap at the moment.
  5. I'm not hiding Scotty nm35, I have supplied my real name, my user name (been on here for bloody years), and he stole from me, and sold what he stole from me on the very forum we discussed the item I "Loaned him" SO what if COPTHIS is a fake name, who cares, the whole point here is the person who has ripped everyone off, and there are plenty of people in this thread who have been ripped off. I'm happy to tell everyone what this dirtbag did to me, and ruined for the rest of the "Honest" Skyline community
  6. It's not just the stuff he's sold that's dodgy Birds, it's the stuff he's stolen and resold.
  7. And one shiela with a stolen Torque converter, that was resold on the same forum that he asked to borrow it on.
  8. Yeah - no it didn't, and my Ti was also a series 3, and still around funnily enough. We're all still waiting with baited breath for this evidence by the way. Will we have it tomorrow perhaps? Or do you need to go to Australia Post to scan the receipts? Shame we're on a new page now, and people can't see the previous drivel. About those receipts and text messages????? Maybe? Possibly? Ever?
  9. Not bad seeing as it was for a series 3 SVD Fire Brigade car. Completely different transmissions. And like you would front up to Yarra Valley, Tony would think you were a compelte wanker asking him for info on a torque converter he supplied. I still have the invoice by the way, and I was the one who paid for it. AND BELIEVE ME, I KNOW WHAT I PAID FOR IT. I still have an active account on the 31 club, and most of my messages. The admins on there will tell you what happened. I swear on my Group A car that I never told anyone or said at any time that you stole a transmission from me. I don't tell lies Jase, unlike you. There are plenty of admins on the R31 club who can verify my story. If you're so clever, holy and guilt free, put up the things you say you have. I don't need to justify my side, You are saying I started rumours, yet have no proof. I know I didn't start them, but you're going on someone saying to you I did. A novice would easily confuse a torque converter with a transmission. I'm not a novice. I loaned it to you to see if it would fit. If you paid money to someone to see if it would fit, thats your issue not mine. You told me you were going to do the job "With my brother and my mate". You're a liar. Front up the evidence or STFU.
  10. I don't care who you had with you, it was a loan, you never paid for it, neither of us knew if it was going to fit, so I gave it to you to try. I never once said you stol a transmission from me, not to anyone. And thats the truth. I also never started any rumors, I stated a fact that you stole the torque converter off me then sold it. You've still yet to prove anything in here, I stand by my previous comments.
  11. Yep, no ya don't, it was a loan and you know it. If you have the proof, prove it. I dare you. You don't so you can't. Glad I moved house so you don't know where I live anymore, coz I was really worried you were going to come back and roll the place after you didn't return the converter. You never paid for the converter, you couldn't, coz you only "Borrowed it" to see if it would fit. You're a scumbag, and one day, someone is going to take you down. Of course it won't be me, but one day you're gonna piss someone off enough for them to make you pay. And through all of these 5 pages, you still haven't produced a receipt or anything that you said you would to anyone on here who has asked. You can't produce something you haven't got, not matter how many times you say you have got it. There are enough people who have dealt with me who can acclaim to my honesty and integrity. Both in here, and the whole skyline community. Out of all of that community, I have been ripped off by two people, you are one of them. And between you and the other one, it's changed the way I have dealt with hundreds of enthusiasts ever since. You're tainted, dishonest, and untruthful. You're a scumbag.
  12. My 2 cents for the record. I was scammed by this guy in 2007 or 2008. I "LOANED" him a brand new RB30 Torque converter to see if it would fit in his Passage. "LOANED" him. The torque converter was brand new, not reconditioned, and was from Yarra Valley Automatics. It was worth 700 bux. Despite all of my efforts trying to contact him, it never came back, and he wouldn't return my calls. I never had his address, as he came to my house to pick it up. He then sold it for a fair bit of dosh (Not what it was worth). He sold MY TORQUE CONVERTER, that he stole from me. Anyone who knows me knows I try to help as many as I can in this community, and the Skyline community in general. What this guy did pretty much made me think about who I help from now on, because I was just trying to help him out to see if an RB30 torque converter fitted. He wasn't even going to buy it, he was just going to try it and return it. Clearly that went well.
  13. The series 1 DR30 that I bought fairly recently still had the original zoned toughened windscreen in it, so they're not all laminated.
  14. You're still forgetting they are free from just about any Nissan Dealer, and at all of the historic meets, and you're trying to sell them.
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