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  1. For Sale! RB20 Standard turbo. Front mount cooler (Engineered for holes that have been cut) 3" exhaust all the way through. Slotted rotors and good pads. Extreme clutch (Less that 20000km old) Alarm/Immobiliser/Turbo Timer/Elec Boost Controller Timing Belt/Water Pump/Cooling Pressure test/Slave cylinder all completed within the last 15000kms. Always maintained, cleaned and never missed a beat. Few minor issues with body/paint as pictured: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2373587021104.140730.1293418508&type=1 Rego ran out 7/5/13. Has passed RWC in current state no issues. Have owned for 18+ months but have recently received a work car and don't have the space for a 3rd car. Glyn - 0424150587
  2. Had an absolute ball! Just sayin Manage to run most of the day until I blew a bypass hose. Cheap break really so I wasn't too displeased. Definitely recommended to anyone considering one of these days. And a couple of pics from the day, sorry was preoccupied with other things haha.
  3. Hey All, Just thought I would see if anyone else is going to be at Sandown tomorrow for the Driver Dynamics day? I did one of there days about 12 months ago and had a ball, even in a commondore! Can wait to do it in the 32 Cheers, Glyn
  4. glynmo

    Spotted Thread

    Successful double spot lol.
  5. glynmo

    Spotted Thread

    R33 parked next to me at The Settlement with SAU stickers. I want your rims
  6. I havent menaged to make it to an SAU event yet but ill try and make this one. Seeyas there!
  7. Oh and the placard I got from power Rd car sales for $10, could complain
  8. I had seen him pull up a VL while I was in the shops. When I left and went to the servo, he waited for me to pull out and did the deed. I would say it was the zorst from behind looks really low. I'll get it all tucked up before I put it back on this time around. it was either that or the custom number plates I had made up lol.
  9. Good stuff fellas. Thanks heaps!
  10. Correct guys its a R32 GTST so ill have to go that way. Pretty much what I expected, damn. Now to hunt down engineer thats not going to be an arse about what has been done. Any suggestions? Melb south east area.
  11. Hey All, I'm sure a number of you have been in this situation before so I figured I would ask here first before I start chasing mechanics and RWC testers. Got pulled up by Mr Plod yesterday and he defected me for the following: Ground Clearance - The flange on the rear muffler is a touch too low. Should be able to sort this out with my exhaust guy. Tyre Placard - This is missing. I believe I can buy one from Nissan. Can anyone confirm this? Engine Bay Mods - This is the harsh one. There has been two holes cut for the front mount cooler. The cop wrote this one up because he 'believed' that these holes weren't factory. Im not sure if they are or not. The note says to "Get holes in body work VASS certified." I assume that means engineers Anyone know any other way around this? (Pics attached). One is under the battery box, the other is more oval shaped infront of the airbox, is that one standard? Battery Box Side Airbox Side Any help here would be appreciated. I'm happy to get all these things properly but I guess im just trying to get options that I may not have thought of. Cheers, Glyn
  12. New pic from the weekend after a clean
  13. Where abouts are you located mate? And also the injectors came out as a working item i assume?
  14. The clips that hold the pieces of boot carpet in position.
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