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  1. Would it come with a Roadworthy or how far off would it be to get it on the road? Sounds nice though
  2. Sorry where abouts is it located it might say but think I missed it lol
  3. Hi I'm looking to buy a skyline r32 or up for arround $6000 if anyone is looking to sell arround Vic although I'm willing to travel for the right car. Any help would be great I'm also keeping my eye out on this forum, carsales, eBay and all the other usual places. My number is 0438591396 if you would like to send me a text (I work strange hours but will try and call you back at a reasonable time). Thanks Paige
  4. Paige999

    Advise Please

    Lol if I had the money on me I would be looking at it for sure
  5. Paige999

    Advise Please

    Thanks everyone for all the help hopefully I will be able to get my money together and find what I want in a month or two starting to get pretty excited lol
  6. Paige999

    Advise Please

    Thanks everyone definitely have a bit to think about but getting excited to start searching for my new car :-D I'm not on my ps so definitely looking for a turbo and yeah I am a girl lol.
  7. Paige999

    Advise Please

    Hi Everyone I am looking into buying my first Skyline in the next couple of months and was wondering if anyone had any advise on what and were would be the best place to start? I hav been thinking a fairly stock R33 and working on it to get it how I want it but then again I'm not great with the mechanical side of things. Any suggestions would be great thanks Paige
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