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  1. Is the spoiler still available, if so would it be possible to send to sydney?
  2. Price on red if still available, posted to 2171.
  3. Spotted a silver r33 leaving St George tafe, as I was arriving.
  4. Pre-registered my ticket - VIP. The prime VIP parking hooked me in.
  5. Weather for Sydney NSW 24°C | Mostly Cloudy Weather looking good for tomorrow. Hope it stays like that. Cars all clear. I'll be at the liverpool KK meet. See you there or at penrith.
  6. Spotted a white r33, with black boot and a gt wing, at the mcdonalds general homes drive (the one nexts to BP).
  7. Spotted a grey r33 gtr on the way home from work on the m5 this morning. Sorry I didn't wave back. The gaveyard shift is killing me.
  8. i'm in. last years was good, besides the stuff around at homebush. hope it a good day.
  9. Spotted a grey r34 on m5, at 1530. Followed me all the way till moorebank ave.
  10. Spotted a white r34 4door yesterday, coming out of the car wash on the cnr of woodville rd and the hume @ 1550
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