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  1. Either way that's way out of whack. Get a multimeter and double check that 18v reading is correct before doing anything else.
  2. Once I've bought one I'll be there
  3. I flash for speed traps, but not RBT's. If you're drink driving you deserve to get caught. And beaten.
  4. I've seen a fair few Autech stageas being sold with the Auto gear indication strip between the speedo and tacho in the dash. Is there any reasonable explanation, or should I automatically assume that either the dash was put in to make the car look like it's got lower k's than it really does, or something worse?
  5. Can't help you out with the question, but do you have a build log? I love older Holdens, last car was a VH and I loved it. Sounds like it'll be a fun car when finished.
  6. dabbing a bit of etch primer on would've been the way to go, but it won't be that bad with just the touch up paint. Realistically the primer probably wouldn't have helped much more than the touch up paint on its own unless you were to give the chip a quick sand first to knock off any rust that had started to develop, and that would probably cause more problems than it solved.
  7. '98 5.0L Caprice. For sale so I can buy a Stagea.
  8. Speed zones have been decreased on the NE highway between Branxton and Murrurundi. Just f**king great, like the current limits aren't ridiculous as it is. I understand having constantly changing speed limits is a pain but really, the NE highway is not a difficult road to drive on. Some country roads are poorly graded thin pieces of shit and have 100k limits, there's a big stretch of the NE highway just north of Branxton that is a good quality 4 lane road with a HUGE median strip that is a 100 zone. Could easily be 130.
  9. RB30ET was an option on any spec VL, even the base model SL. Can't help you out with the rest though.
  10. Used one of those harnesses on a VS Commodore wagon yesterday, it was perfect. Can't comment on the Skyline as I've never done one, but provided those are the correct plugs and you aren't getting a massively complex head unit, yeah it is that simple.
  11. The AWD/4WD thing cropped up in another thread a few days ago, and I made this post: As for this, you're both talking slang. There are no "technical" differences between 2 acronyms. All they are is acronyms. What matters most is how people interpret them. There is no difference between the MEANING of the 2 acronym's, provided the vehicle in question has 4 wheels. The difference is what people think they mean. So everyone, call it AWD or 4WD, it honestly doesn't matter. It's the same damn thing. Just don't call your stag/GTR a fourbie
  12. Bah, one of the only ones in the country I was interested in. Another couple of weeks and it might've been me. Good luck to whoever has it now.
  13. They aren't illegal to use if you're using them properly. If there's fog, you can turn your foglights on. If there isn't any fog, you can't turn your foglights on. How hard is that to understand? And yes, the tards in their VT onwards SS Commodores with the little round lights in the front bar can be pulled over and fined for it as well. My Caprice has foglights, and I've only used them once in the year that I've owned my car. Not only is it illegal to use them unless necessary, it's potentially blinding to other people on the road. You might be able to see the 3M of road in front of you much better, but they (potentially) can't see a thing except your foglights. Admittedly standard foglights are usually pretty crap, but it's still illegal.
  14. I'm in Lake Macquarie, a little south of Newcastle. Don't have a Stag yet, but I'm in the market for one. Only seen one Stag getting around the local area, silver RS4 in at the foreshore. Had a chat with the bloke that owned it the other night.
  15. Technically speaking, if a car has 4 wheels and is an AWD, then it's also 4WD. AWD is just a marketing term that someone came up with when they didn't want their everyday passenger car to be confused with a Cruiser/Paj/Patrol type car. Generally, people consider off road type cars with things like high/low range gearboxes and lockable front hubs to be 4WD, and cars like your WRX/Liberty to be AWD. I'd put the Stag in the AWD camp, because it doesn't have a high/low range box, doesn't have lockable front hubs, doesn't have good ground clearance and wouldn't be much good off road. Landcruiser is a weird one because it's always in 4WD mode, but I'd still class it as 4WD because of the ground clearance, high/low range box and lockable front hubs. Foresters are a weird one too because some (all?) of them have a high/low range box, but I'd still go with AWD because of the lack of lockable front hubs, average ground clearance and of course it's a Subaru. Basically, the way I see it, if it's the kind of car that's great for 4WD trails, it's a 4WD. If it's a passenger car that has all wheels driven for performance/safety reasons and it's shite off-road, it's an AWD.