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  1. Just what i needed thanks, and now i dont have to wait for it to be posted .. =]
  2. Well i still havent driven her as i have no licence... . i get it back on the 29th september and cant wait !!!.. im looking forward to the events, as my brother is with the supra club n usualii takes me out with them it looks like alot of fun.. except well there supras hahaha =]
  3. standard box for now.. going to upgrade to the 5 stud umm considering the lsd thanks for the advice
  4. lol.. i picked this 1 up cheap.. easiier for me to convert dad and brother are mechanics
  5. sweet, motor is coming out this weekend yay... putting a 25det in it
  6. HAHA.. yeahh i highly agree hmm i dunno every turned me off 20's soo ehh not too sure next goal.. is she should b turboed pretty soon
  7. Thanks http://img12.imageshack.us/img12/4810/miibabii.jpg http://img801.imageshack.us/img801/6382/24979318663840935101058.jpg
  8. didnt really want 18s, i was after 19s but yeah im considering the 5 stud coversion =]
  9. hey do you still have the short shifter and will it be ok on the non turbo?
  10. hmm im not sure.. it sucks being non turbo it is 4 studs.. limits my choice alot! yeah im looking around going crazy
  11. well put a full kicker stereo in her.. with a kenwood double din.. it has pink dash lights hehe lookin at chrome/ black 20s but not 100% cause i wanted more jap look and im after the 2 guage pillar thing if you know any1 with one could you let me know thanks =]
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