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  1. Also want my account totally deleted from this forum, all data, thanks. @admin
  2. there is a post under classic skylines with more pics
  3. 1974 Datsun 240K GT / Nissan Skyline GC110. These cars have seen a HUGE resurgance in NZ and Japan due to them sharing the same shell as the second model of GTR Skyline. 10 years ago they were the ugly duckling Datsun in NZ and no one would ever have thought to do one up! These were rebadged in NZ and Oz as the Datsun 240K but in Japan its a C110 Nissan Skyline (nicknamed the Kenmeri.) Still piecing it back together after a 2 year panel and paint. Going to be running a stroked out L28 ( now 3100cc) with triple OER sidedraft style 47mm throttle bodies
  4. 240Z 260Z don't fit for sure, they hit steering. Not sure that I want to spend that sort of money and then have to cut them up anyway. Patrol ones dont fit either according to the seller. I know C210 ones fit and there are plenty of people on here with them. Someone must know where to get some bolt on ones.
  5. ahh found them I think after searching for L28. Nice but freight would destroy me. Now that I have this, I am tempted into a Z
  6. Yeah cant buy them off the shelf , no listings for coby etc. Also cant find any for sale from a store in Oz either. Can you post a link to the import monster ones? I searched their site and couldn't find any
  7. You can use F54 blocks, most of the Japs actually use them over N42. I read somewhere that the discussion about different waterjackets etc between the blocks is all BS as someone on the net actually cut the blocks and compared. In my experience (in NZ anyway) the N42 blocks came in export spec 280ZX S130s. The only F54 blocks I have seen have been in S130 Fairladys (The Japanese domestic market equivilant of the 280ZX) Also you don't need any mods or machine work to put in the LD28 crank! I have one so I know it is bolt in - has same bearing journal sizes etc. BUT when you put it in it pays to get it balanced as there is a lot of stuff on the net about L series 6 cylinders breaking bearings if not balanced but this goes for any rebuild not just LD28 cranks and it shouldn't cost $500! I got my stroker rotating assembly cleaned and balanced (crank, rods, pistons) done in NZ for $210.
  8. Some of you will have seen my car on other various Datsun / Skyline forums. Slowly piecing it back together after it spent almost 2 years at a panel shop doing jack. Going to be running L28 stroked/bored to L3150ish with triple OER sidedfraft style throttle bodies and a hot cam Some nice looking rides on this forum! I am in desperate need of C110 / C210 Skyline 240K extractors. Have paypal , live in NZ. PM if you can help out FAVOURITE Man I still get excited about the condition of the interior in this car.
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