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  2. i can totaly understand where they are coming from in regards to the PM35... i wouldnt be doing it if it were my business either lol but i was hoping perhaps to get compliance in regards to an AXIS or ARX.. not the PM35 versions.. and yeh the banned list probably wouldnt know about them, but still its just rediculous to ban the ARX and NOT the 250t's or the AXIS versions. stupidity ! what more could you ego driven politicians sitting behinds desks though
  3. so they add around 4-5 grand on a car that they would have purchased ? or have i just totaly misread that haha i would love to have a chat to them either way.. im not in the market of ripping people off... but i just think hunting down THE car would be a bit of fun.. then maybe if i find one.. hand it over to them beacuse from what ive heard they are bloody good at what they do ! they shall be my first port of call and then ill make a move depending on how it goes
  4. this is true... once i have a chat to them ill let you all know i may not even end up going for the PM35.. might just go for the high end axis or... yeh... who knows haha this could be fun, and am looking forward to the experience which ever way i go !
  5. thanks Leon, yeh i rekon that im going to take my time looking, not just that for each month that goes by the budget goes up haha i think the next thing to do is wonder over to northshore... yeh look.. the P's rules are all effed ! that list just shows it im using it as a loop hole and ill see where it gets me.. haha probably without a licence for the second time.. You guys are so lucky you were before the time of this bullshit set by the RTA those rules came in on the 1st July.. my birthday was the 12th (dohh) Anyways.. really appreciating the advice and warm welcome ( first thread)
  6. haha the rules are freaking rediculous... he only ones theyve banned are those below... STAGEA AR-X FOUR M35 4D WAGON V6 2495 cc TURBO Multi 4A 2001 TURBO V6 NISSAN STAGEA RS4 WC34 4D WAGON 6 2498 cc TURBO Multi 4A From............. http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/licensing/downloads/200909_prohibited_vehicles_list.pdf so yes... apparently they will allow you to drive he PNM35 haha... thats what drew me to the stagea in the first place i was looking for a wagon first of all, to have my road bike in when i go on tours (cycling) and also somthing with a little grunt.. the stagea was the only way to go haha... probably one of the only turbos im allowed (legally that is)... one year of greens left.. do you guys agreee that by having a 250t or an axis i would be able to get away with it? we all how much of a @#$% those highway patrollers are
  7. yeh ive heard that... i think im going to have to go and have a talk with those blokes from northshore i wouldnt mind the PNM35 axis..the interiors on those look soooo stunning! looks like ive got a few hard decisions to make... if i were to import.. would they be the guys you would go to for compliance?
  8. haha craig lives litteraly around the corner from me i havent decided what i want just yet cose im still on bloody P plates... which rules the AR-X out and i cant say i dont want a 250t and the same with the axis... ahh decisions haha... @slippylotion... how many problems did you have importing.. and how did you go about doing it i wouldnt mind having the opportunity to import... but if one that i see pops up i will be sure to snap it up
  9. Gday Fellas Ive been looking alot more seriously lately at getting my hands on one of these beasts for those of you who i havent had a chance to chat to im looking at the M35's as ive been looking i began to think of possibly going through the import process ive come to you guys to see what your thoughts are in comparison to buying one already ashore id love to know how the prices and hastle stack up aswell... i just rekon the love of the import would make you appreciate it soo much more once you find.. "the one" lol.. anyway.. give me your ideas and thoughts ( especially in regards to price and hastles etc etc ) .....Daniel
  10. nah if you have a look on the 109 page list the RTA have only banned the ARX http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/licensing/downloads/200909_prohibited_vehicles_list.pdf its sooo dumb !... as im sure your well aware of haha i know what you mean about liking or not liking the ARX... i personally do like it the only thing that concerns me are the black bumpers in regards to maintenance. ive seen alot of other cars where that has faded and it looks shit house... how do you go about caring for that what kind of products are out there to keep it looking new ? Cheers, Daniel
  11. Hey guys, just joined to forum last night so i thought id introduce myself.. Daniel - 19yo - Based in Thornleigh, NSW ive joined this forum simply because i love the Stagea M35 thought id join it before i bought one to chat with a few of you ! perhaps learn a little more about the car and get to know a few of you, hope to see some of you around the place aswell Definatley wanting a stagea.. but cose im on P's the ARX-four may be out of the question with the bloody Turbo laws for P Platers interestingly enough they havent banned the 250t RS... so that may be the path i have to head down in order to own this beast legally on p's would love to know peoples thoughts on the topic and your thoughts on a 250t vs ARX-four Cheers Daniel
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