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  1. Looking for a recommendations for good Victorian panel beater to do some work on a R33 GT-R. Going through the threads on here I found MiColour recommended in the past but looks like they might have closed back in 2017? Is there anyone in here with recent experiences of taking their Skylines or GT-Rs to a panel shop and have had a good experience (and would be happy to recommend them)? I have damaged rear quarter panel I need some work done on. And also where the hell is everyone going to discuss their Skylines/ GT-Rs these days?!? It's bloody dead in here!
  2. Hi everyone, Just wondering which tuners people have used to get their Link G4 ECU's tuned? Any recommendations in the Northern Suburbs? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hardly see any Skylines on the road in genera these days. Cannot remember the last time I saw a R32-R34 GTR on the road in Melbourne! Are owners now just locking these away as a precious commodity?
  4. This cannot be possibly sustainable right? I mean it has to burst like Bitcoin... At this stage US customers can only import 1995 R33 GTRs and earlier. There is still 1996-2002 left! Are we going to see prices go even higher? At some stage the market has to level out. I am seeing R34 GTRs priced more than R35 ones now. It's just madness.
  5. I checked up on the glovebox. Apparently the gauges were installed in the glove box, but now since have been relocated along the dash after arrival over here. Did not notice the intercooler - bonus! Thanks for your help.
  6. Thanks for that! Here's an enlarged version. The roll cage has been removed and the rest you stated is correct. Apparently there is no new car warranty or manual - I might get this to be follow up up on.
  7. Thank you for your advice. As per what I have been advised, unfortunately there was no service logs that came with the car. The auction sheet was the only document provided. The reason for the sense of paranoia is exactly because of wanting to know when to go about changing various parts.
  8. Fair question. As per what I have been advised, the original cluster was replace by the Nismo one at 58,000 kms in 2009. But the Nismo cluster now reads 59,000 Kms, which is why apparently the * is listed there. But again, this is all what has been advised. Not sure if this means the car is 58,000 kms + 59,000 kms = 120,000 kms (can anyone drive 59,000 kms in two years) or whether it was changed to a similar valued Nismo cluster in 2009 (I have been advised that this is what has occurred). My mechanic has given the thumbs up, but obviously I want to know roughly how many Kms the car has done whether its 59,000, 75,000 or 120,000. Hope that makes sense.
  9. Hi Guys, I was wondering if anyone here would be kind enough to translate this USS auction sheet (if possible, I know this might be a long long shot). I did basic Japanese back in school - but that's a distant and ancient memory now. I have done some reading around on the internet and know how to identify the basic stuff on the auction sheet. I know there is a issue with odometer readings (*), which is basically my main concern. I know the stock odo shell was replace with a Nismo one at some point, but when (not sure if that can be gathered from this auction sheet)? I know there are some HKS mods in there as well (but not sure what they are exactly). Thoughts and opinions welcome.
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